Online Master of Science in Architectural Studies

Earn your master's degree from anywhere in the world and at a customized pace that works for you. The Online Master of Science in Architectural Studies with a concentration in Structures offers students the same rigorous training as our in-person program with added flexibility.

Online Master of Science Degree with Concentration in Structures


The Building Performance Program of the School of Architecture at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign offers an entirely online MS in AS degree program with Structures Concentration. The online and in-person programs feature identical contents and admission criteria. Completion of this in-depth plan of study will result in recording of Structures as a Concentration on the student’s transcript under the MS in AS degree.

There is no on-campus residency requirement for this degree program. For tuition and fees, please check Illinois Online Graduate Fees. Visit Paying Your Bill for more on making online payments. International students need not obtain a visa or travel to the United States to participate in the program.

Language of instruction is English for all courses and communications.

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Program Details


This degree program is entirely online. The format of lectures (synchronous or asynchronous) will be established by the faculty member teaching each course. This is a University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign degree and there is no difference between the contents of this degree and our in-person version except the mode of instruction. Participation in the online degree program does not require on-campus attendance.


Who Can Benefit From This Program

The degree offers an excellent opportunity for students interested in obtaining an advanced degree from one of the world’s premier universities, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, as well as for practitioners who wish to enhance their knowledge and skills in structural design without residing on campus.



Prerequisite subjects for the Structures Concentration include the following:

  • Undergraduate engineering requirements such as physics, calculus series, statics, and mechanics of materials
  • Structural analysis
  • One semester each in structural steel design and reinforced concrete design

Equivalents to these courses may be accepted if approved by the faculty member in charge of the subject matter. Documentations such as syllabus, course notes, textbook, and other information may be required for such approvals.

Courses taken on design of structural steel and reinforced concrete need to be according to the standards developed by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) and American Concrete Institute (ACI). Students not having learned these standards may be required to take courses in those subjects before taking certain core courses.

Applicants lacking any of the subject requirements will be asked to complete prerequisites before taking courses required for this degree. Such situations may extend the duration of completion of the degree. Prerequisite undergraduate courses will not count toward a graduate degree, but graduate courses may be considered as electives with the consent of the student’s advisor.

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Degree Requirements

Completion of the MS in AS degree with Structures Concentration requires successful completion of 32 credit hours as follows.

Required Core Courses Credit Hours
Arch 550: Design of Steel and Reinforced Concrete Structures II 4
Arch 551: Structural Analysis 4
Arch 552: Soil Mechanics and Foundations 3
Arch 553: Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design 3
Arch 554: Advanced Steel Design 3
Arch 556: Advanced Structural Planning 4
Arch 557: Seismic Analysis and Design 3
Arch 560: Advanced Structural Analysis 3
Electives* 5
Total Required Credit Hours 32

Visit here for course descriptions.

  • *Electives must be approved by the student’s advisor in advance.
  • Any exceptions to course selection must be approved by the student’s advisor.
  • Students are required to complete a Plan of Study, which must be submitted and approved during the first semester of graduate work.

Suggested elective courses include:

  • ARCH 535 (Design of Tall Buildings)
  • ARCH 538 (Integrative Design of Buildings)
  • ARCH 555 (Prestressed Concrete Design)
  • ARCH 558 (Structural Wood Design)
  • ARCH 595MT (Mass Timber Design)
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Admission and Enrollment Process

Students interested in participating in the Structures Concentration must be admitted to the School of Architecture’s MS in AS degree program and register their intent to enter the Structures Concentration with the School’s Graduate Office prior to completing their first semester in their degree program.


Required Material for Admission:

  • Transcripts: Upload transcripts from all colleges and universities you attended through the online application system. English translations for non-English transcripts are required.
  • Statement of Purpose: Discuss your educational and other relevant background including related work experiences and professional objectives. Explain how admission to this program helps you achieve your career goals.
  • Recommendation Letters: The online application page allows you to request recommendation letters from your list of references. Include former professors and people you worked for as references.
  • Resume: Include all education and relevant experience with month and year.
  • GRE: Admission to this program does not require a GRE score.
  • Non-Native English speaking applicants must submit TOEFL or IELTS scores with their online application. Click here for the Graduate College’s English Proficiency Requirements for Graduate Admission.
  • International applicants must submit proof of financial resources through the online application system.


Application and Admission Dates:

  • September 15 (year prior to start of enrollment): Graduate College application system opens for fall admission.
  • June 7 (year of start of program): Apply by this date for full consideration for admission for the upcoming summer semester.
  • July 15 (year of start of program): Apply by this date for full consideration for admission for the upcoming fall semester.
  • July 15 (year of start of program): Applicants receive acceptance notifications by this date (see below).

Applications will be reviewed as they come in and admission letters will be sent to those accepted as admission decisions are made prior to July 25 for the upcoming fall semester.

Application for admission must be submitted online at the Graduate College Application for Admission.


Additional Information:

The MS in AS degree with Structures Concentration program is offered both in person and online. Although the program contents are the same, students need to select one or the other for their education. The online and in-person programs cannot be combined.

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