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Flexible, focused degree programs

At the Illinois School of Architecture we provide students with an aesthetically motivated and technically rigorous design-based education. The comprehensive and flexible core curricula of the school‘s graduate degree programs enable students to develop a specialized professional or academic focus in one of the program areas. Students may also elect to enroll in one of the school‘s joint degree programs. The standard B.S.A.S. degree curriculum is enhanced with additional technology, history, and structures courses.


Large Diverse Faculty

Headshot of Botond Bognar

Botond Bognar

Professor and Edgar A. Tafel Endowed Chair in Architecture

Botond Bognar is Professor and Edgar A. Tafel Endowed Chair in Architecture at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. He received his B.S. in Architecture and MArch degrees at the Technical University of Budapest and his M.A. in Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of California, Los Angeles. As a Japanese Governmental (Mombusho) Scholar he conducted research at the Tokyo Institute of Technology (TIT) for two years in the early 1970s.

Headshot of Kathryn H. Anthony, Ph.D.

Kathryn H. Anthony, Ph.D.

ACSA Distinguished Professor

Professor Anthony teaches, conducts research, and writes about how spaces and places affect people. Her expertise focuses on such topics as social and behavioral factors in design, gender and race in contemporary architecture, and entrepreneurship in design. She has also developed a new seminar on architecture, cinema, environment, and behavior.

Headshot of Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor

Associate Professor

With a background in three-dimensional design, Professor Taylor has worked in the fields of interior design, construction management, architecture, and scenic construction for the film industry. His experiences have taken him across the US, Sri Lanka, and Haiti.

Headshot of Ralph E. Hammann, Ph.D.

Ralph E. Hammann, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Dr. Hammann is a registered architect and LEED® accredited professional with an extended professional background. As the previous Head of Design, Head of Programming and Master Planning in two major German firms, his portfolio includes medium to large scale projects for corporate and private clients across Europe and the U.S. He blend’s design excellence with building performance and environmental design in his research which focuses on technology and sustainable design.

Headshot of Abbas Aminmansour, Ph.D.

Abbas Aminmansour, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Professor Aminmansour’s areas of research and scholarship interest and experience include structural steel and reinforced concrete design as well as sustainability impact of tall buildings. 

Structural Steel Design:

Headshot of Sara Bartumeus Ferré

Sara Bartumeus Ferré

Associate Professor

Professor Bartumeus Ferré is professor at UIUC and in both the Master’s Program in Landscape Architecture at the ETSAB and in the Department of Urbanism and Territorial Planning at the ETSAV in Barcelona, Spain. She has been a member of the Barcelona City council’s Architecture Committee and of the COAC’s Advisory Committee in Urban Planning and Landscape.

Headshot of Alejandro Lapunzina

Alejandro Lapunzina

Professor, Director Barcelona Program

Educated at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Washington University in St. Louis, Professor Lapunzina is the head of the School of Architecture Study Abroad Program. Currently on sabbatical leave of absence, he will resume his usual teaching activities in the Fall 2014 with the beginning of the School’s new overseas program in Barcelona-El Vallés, where he will teach Architectural Design courses and will coordinate the program’s curriculum.

Headshot of Tom Loew

Tom Loew

Adjunct Lecturer

Since 1988, Tom has owned and developed a Design/Build firm in Champaign, Illinois specializing in custom designed homes and remodels. Tom’s ability to guide and instruct others though the process of home design and construction is a trademark of his professional practice. This endeavor has proven to be a fulfilling life’s work, which draws from a rich architectural education from the University of Illinois.

Headshot of Aneesha Dharwadker

Aneesha Dharwadker

Assistant Professor of Architecture & Landscape Architecture

Aneesha Dharwadker is an educator and design practitioner with interests in global urbanism, material history, and rural healthcare. She is the founder of Chicago Design Office and editor of Transect, an annual journal of design criticism.


Headshot of James P. Warfield

James P. Warfield

Professor Emeritus

Professor Warfield is an architect, author and professor emeritus, having taught studios of all levels for forty years. As a scholar, he has explored fundamental principles of design theory through original field research in worldwide vernacular architecture.

Headshot of Mohamed Boubekri, Ph.D.

Mohamed Boubekri, Ph.D.


Professor Boubekri’s work focuses on sustainable architecture and the intersection of the built environment and human health. Through numerous publications, two recently published books, he explores the impact of the lack of daylight inside buildings on people’s health, behavior and overall well-being. More generally, his work also examines the relationship between architectural design, sustainable technologies and building energy/environmental performance.

William Worn

Clinical Associate Professor Emeritus

William Worn is Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign where his research interests lie at the intersection of sustainability and health. He is also President Emeritus and founder of Worn Jerabek Wiltse Architects P.C. in Chicago (1991-present). He taught previously at the University of Illinois at Chicago 2001-2009 where he was Director of the Master of Science in Health Design program.

Headshot of Scott Murray

Scott Murray

Associate Professor

Professor Murray teaches design studios and seminars and has served as past Chair of the Building Performance Program at the Illinois School of Architecture. He is also currently the Design Editor of the journal Technology ׀ Architecture + Design (TAD). As a licensed architect since 2000, Professor Murray has worked on a variety of building projects ranging in scale from single-family houses to skyscrapers.

Headshot of Claire Gaspin

Claire Gaspin

Adjunct Lecturer

Claire Gaspin is a designer and lecturer based in Champaign, IL where she teaches design studio at the Junior level. Previously, she worked as a Junior Architect in Paris at a European multi-based firm on projects in Sweden, Denmark and Morocco. In addition, she has interned at several firms in Paris and Chicago, including Parc Architectes and Design With Company.

Headshot of David Emmons

David Emmons


David Emmons is a designer and lecturer based in Champaign, IL. He is co-coordinator of the sophomore design sequence and also instructs studio at the undergraduate and graduate level. In contribution to the Detail + Fabrication Program Area, he advises independent studies on fabrication in addition to overseeing exhibit planning and construction.

Headshot of T.F. Tierney, Ph.D.

T.F. Tierney, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Associate Professor Tierney’s research operates at the intersection of new media and the built environment by leveraging emergent technologies for the public benefit. During 2006, she was a doctoral researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Laboratory studying computational systems.

Headshot of Paul Hardin Kapp

Paul Hardin Kapp

Associate Professor

Paul Hardin Kapp is Associate Professor of Architecture; he teaches historic preservation in the School of Architecture. He is also Associate Director of the Collaborative for Cultural Heritage Management and Policy at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and he is a Recognized Lecturer in the Ironbridge International Institute for Cultural Heritage at the University of Birmingham (UK).

Headshot of Paul Armstrong

Paul Armstrong

Associate Professor Emeritus

Continually leading graduate studios on high-rise design, Professor Armstrong focuses his efforts on tall building. Through venues like the Journal of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, he has published and exhibited his work on urban environments. He is currently working on a book on contemporary tall building design.

Headshot of Christina Bollo, Ph.D.

Christina Bollo, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Christina Bollo is an assistant professor in the Health and Wellbeing focus area. Professor Bollo’s research and teaching focus on the social, economic and environmental ramifications of housing design, and the manifestation of policy in the built environment. Her current research investigates social interactions in the shared spaces of permanent supportive housing projects, commonly known as "Housing First." She teaches an active-learning course in "Global Heal

Headshot of Erik Hemingway

Erik Hemingway

Associate Professor

Professor Hemingway has taught architectural design at numerous universities since 1994 and is Principal of the award winning design firm hemingway+a/studio based in Chicago. With 19 years of teaching experience, it has enabled him to continue his research on modern cities including Beijing, Los Angeles and Detroit in continuation of his thesis Television City undertaken at Columbia University in 1991.

Headshot of Michael Kim, Ph.D.

Michael Kim, Ph.D.


Professor Kim is a University of California, Berkeley, educated Design Theorist with research emphases on the Nature of Design and Integrative Design Process; the Nature and the Structure of Design Knowledge; Design Knowledge Acquisition; Building Systems, Functionality, Constructability, and their Integration. He is also a Licensed Architect.

Headshot of David M. Chasco, FAIA

David M. Chasco, FAIA


Professor David M. Chasco, FAIA, is Professor and past Director of the Illinois School of Architecture (2004-2014). Chasco was originally a member and associate with Gunnar Birkerts and Assoc. from 1983-1994, Design Architect with DiClemente Siegel Design/Gunnar Birkerts FAIA from 1997-2002, joined the College of Architecture and Design at Lawrence Technological University (LTU) in 1994, and served as Interim Dean from 2002-2004.

Headshot of Jeffery S. Poss, FAIA

Jeffery S. Poss, FAIA

Professor and Interim Director

Jeffery S. Poss, FAIA is a Professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. He received his Master of Architecture from the school in 1980. In the years following he practiced with Skidmore Owings and Merrill, Kevin Roche John Dinkeloo & Associates, and Tai Soo Kim Partners.

Headshot of Tait Johnson, Ph.D.

Tait Johnson, Ph.D.


Tait Johnson is an architect and architectural historian with a primary research focus on the history and theory of modern architecture and materiality in the twentieth century, specifically concerned with the image and instrumentality of aluminum in architecture.

Headshot of Carl G. Lewis

Carl G. Lewis

Academic Advisor & Career Services Coordinator

Carl Lewis’ experience spans the fields of government service, architecture and academia. He has researched and lectured extensively on architectural design and its application for the disabled. He has held numerous appointments on a variety of committees that relate to the built environment and to the application of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Headshot of Lynne M. Dearborn, Ph.D.

Lynne M. Dearborn, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Professor Dearborn’s research focuses on the mutual interaction of people and their environments, particularly the relationship between residential environments and cultural change. She studies the Hmong of SE Asia and Hmong immigrants in the US, African Americans in inner-city neighborhoods, and Native Americans. She is heavily involved in FAA’s Illinois Action Research.

Headshot of Randy Deutsch, LEED-AP

Randy Deutsch, LEED-AP

Clinical Associate Professor

Randy Deutsch AIA, LEED AP for the past three years served as the Associate Director for Graduate Studies at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign overseeing graduate student recruitment, admissions, yielding activities, the award of scholarships/fellowships, enrollment, orientation and advising; coordinating reviews in graduate design studios; collaborating in alumni development efforts; and, contributing to operational and strategic planning beneficial to the school and the Director.

Headshot of Sharon Irish, Ph.D.

Sharon Irish, Ph.D.

Affiliated Lecturer

Sharon Irish is an architectural and art historian. Suzanne Lacy: Spaces Between is her most recent book (University of Minnesota Press, 2010.) Previous publications include a book-length bibliography on Medievalism in North American art and architecture, and a monograph on the architect Cass Gilbert (Monacelli Press, 1999), as well as a number of articles and book chapters on Gilbert, and essays on artists Anish Kapoor, Suzanne Lacy, Nek Chand Saini, Le Corbusier, and Stephen Willats.

Headshot of Aaron Paul Brakke

Aaron Paul Brakke

Assistant Professor

Aaron Paul Brakke is an architect and designer born and educated in the United States. He is Founder and Director of Design at Whiteknee. He studied architecture at Ball State University where he graduated with a post professional degree in Architecture (MArch II). At this time he was involved in the development of an ACADIA Conference and became interested in researching the reciprocal relationship between the architect and technology.

Headshot of Sudarshan Krishnan, Ph.D.

Sudarshan Krishnan, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Sudarshan Krishnan specializes in the area of lightweight structures. His current research focuses on the structural design and behavior of cable-strut systems and transformable structures. His accompanying interests include the study of elastic and geometric structural stability. He teaches courses on the planning, analysis and design of structural systems. He has also developed a new course on deployable structures and transformable architecture.

Headshot of Richard K. Strand, Ph.D.

Richard K. Strand, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

With an extensive background in Mechanical Engineering and building systems, Professor Strand teaches the undergraduate Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) course as well as graduate seminars on energy modeling and HVAC. He has researched low energy technologies for space conditioning and developed portions of EnergyPlus, software that enables modeling of building energy performance, for the US Department of Energy.

Headshot of Andrea Melgarejo de Berry

Andrea Melgarejo de Berry

Visiting Lecturer in Architectural Design

Andrea Melgarejo de Berry received her Master of Architecture and Master in Urban Planning from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where she was a Teaching Assistant for the sophomore design studios. Her career and educational interests has always been in the exploration of different scales of architecture, seeking to improve livability of communities though the practice of thoughtful design and the making of it.

Headshot of Benjamin A. Bross, Ph.D

Benjamin A. Bross, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Headshot of Kevin Erickson

Kevin Erickson

Associate Professor

Kevin Erickson is the founding principal of KNE studio, based in New York City, and an Associate Professor at the University of Illinois, where he is Chair of the Detail + Fabrication Program Area within the School of Architecture. The work of KNE studio is fixated on simple and forward thinking design ideas that create new value on multiple scales. In 2013, KNE studio was invited by actress Bette Midler's NYRP Foundation to design a boathouse and outdoor classroom in upper Manhattan.

Kennedy K. Hutson

Visiting Assistant Professor

Kennedy Hutson is the Owner and Principal of Kennedy Hutson Associates, an architectural firm located in Monticello, Illinois. Prior to founding Kennedy Hutson Associates in 1995, he served as staff architect and associate at a number of architectural firms in Colorado and Illinois, specializing in numerous types of architecture ranging from housing, hospitality, and corporate interiors in Colorado to Historic Preservation and institutional and recreational facilities in Illinois.

Headshot of Heather E. Grossman, Ph.D.

Heather E. Grossman, Ph.D.

Teaching Assistant Professor and History Area Coordinator

Heather E. Grossman is an architectural and art historian and an archaeologist whose research investigates concepts and instances of architectural and cultural interaction in the Mediterranean. Her research and teaching examines encounters between the various Christian, Islamic, and Jewish cultures of the “global” medieval world, focusing on the role of architecture in creating identity, memory and architecture, and the development of Mediterranean cities.

Headshot of Kevin Hinders

Kevin Hinders

Associate Professor, Coordinator of Chicago Studio

Professor Hinders leads graduate seminars and studios that examines design on the urban scale. He is also the principle in charge at Champaign-based PREP A.R.E. He is well versed with projects large and small. As a professional, Professor Hinders has drafted new master plans for the University Campus, Research Parks, and Campustown 2000. His work truly spans the scales of architecture, urban design, and master planning.

Headshot of Yun Kyu Yi, Ph.D

Yun Kyu Yi, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Dr. Yun Kyu Yi teaches environmental and sustainable architecture and technology and conducts research in the area of computational building modeling and simulation, building performance evaluation and indoor occupants behavior. He is also founder and lead investigator of the Responsive Architecture Lab (RAL) at the Illinois School of Architecture. 

Headshot of Marci S. Uihlein, P.E.

Marci S. Uihlein, P.E.

Associate Professor

Professor Uihlein is a licensed professional engineer with a graduate degree in architecture. She has worked on projects for both the private sector and academic institutions with Arup at their San Francisco and Los Angeles offices. She first became involved in academia while working as a visiting lecturer for the School of Architecture with the Study Abroad Program in Versailles, France from 2007-2010.

Headshot of D. Fairchild Ruggles, Ph.D.

D. Fairchild Ruggles, Ph.D.

Affiliated Professor

Professor, Department of Landscape Architecture

Headshot of John C. Stallmeyer, Ph.D.

John C. Stallmeyer, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Professor Stallmeyer’s research and teaching focus on contemporary urban and architectural production and consumption under the influence of information and communications technology (ICT). His graduate studios explore the intersection of ICT and the design process through the exploration and integration of digital sketching and modeling environments with analog methods in a hybrid process.

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