Master of Architecture 2+

Designed for students with undergraduate degrees outside architecture, the accredited M.Arch 2+ degree offers a comprehensive architectural education, preparing students for professional practice in the U.S. and across the globe.

M.Arch 2+ Overview


The M.Arch 2+ brings together students with diverse backgrounds to explore and grapple with the complexities of the environment and innovate through the design process. Students develop an individualized curriculum in consultation with their advisor, resulting in a program that varies in length from two-and-a-half to four years. Upon completion of requisite background course work, M. Arch 2+ students follow the M. Arch program of study. And like the M.Arch, students in the M.Arch 2+ sequence may earn a concentration in one of the School’s Program Areas.

To earn this degree, students need to complete up to 68 hours of undergraduate credit (depending upon undergraduate courses previously taken) and 54 hours of graduate credit.

STEM Classification and OPT Employment

Our M.Arch 2+ degree is STEM-classified. International students with an F-1 visa are eligible to remain in the US for OPT (Optional Practical Training) employment for up to three years and two months after graduation, and those granted an H-1b visa can stay an additional six years (for a total of 9 years).

Sample Schedule

First Year

Fall (15 hours)
  • ARCH 471: Design Studio (6 hours)
  • ARCH 231: Anatomy of Buildings (4 hours)
  • ARCH 210: Intro to History of World Architecture (3 hours)
  • ARCH 481: Concepts and Theories of Arch Design (1 hour)
  • ARCH 483: Strategies of Arch Design (1 hour)
Spring (15 hours)
  • ARCH 472: Design Studio (6 hours)
  • ARCH 232: Structural Fundamentals (4 hours)
  • ARCH 482: Drawing and Modeling (1 hour)
  • ARCH 484: Representation (1 hour)
  • ARCH 400+: History Elective
Summer (6 hours)
  • ARCH 47X: Design Studio (6 hours)

Second Year

Fall (18 hours)
  • ARCH 57X: Design Studio (6 hours)
  • ARCH 433: Design of Steel and Concrete Structures (4 Hours)
  • ARCH 434: Environmental Control Systems I (5 Hours)
  • ARCH 400+: Elective (3 Hours)
Spring (15 hours)
  • ARCH 57X: Design Studio (6 Hours)
  • ARCH 517: Modern Arch History, 1850-Present (3 Hours)
  • ARCH 593/538: Design and Construction Futures (3 Hours)
  • ARCH 400+: Elective (3 Hours)

Third Year

Fall (18 hours)
  • ARCH 57X: Design Studio (6 Hours)
  • ARCH 521: Adv Environmental, Arch, and Global Health (4 Hours)
  • ARCH 536: Planning and Design of Structural Systems (4 Hours)
  • ARCH 577: Theories of Architecture (4 Hours)
Spring (16 hours)
  • ARCH 57X/575: Design Studio or Integrative Design Studio (6 Hours)
  • ARCH 501: Professional Practice (3 Hours)
  • ARCH 537: Environmental Control Systems II (4 Hours)
  • ARCH 400+: Elective (3 Hours)

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