Nathan Ricker, the very first alumnus of the Illinois School of Architecture, was also the first graduate of an architecture program in the United States. This academic year, we are celebrating the 150th anniversary of the nation’s first architecture graduate and the school’s first alumnus with the Ricker150 fundraising initiative.

Ricker150 image with the Architecture Building

Join Us in Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Architecture’s First Alum

Together we are raising funds for scholarships to attract and retain the best students, our visiting lecture series to secure top professionals and enrich student learning, optimized design studios, cutting-edge digital fabrication technologies, and experiential learning opportunities at home and abroad. As the Illinois School of Architecture continues to build on its unique history, we, much like Nathan Ricker, want to solidify the school’s role in the future of architectural education.

Ricker150 will provide ongoing support to enable the school to push boundaries, redefine creativity, and inspire the next generation of architects to lead within their field. Consider being a part of the historic Ricker150 fundraising initiative by donating. Watch for a special Ricker150 Day of Giving in May 2023 to celebrate the official anniversary of Ricker’s graduation.

Make a Gift for the Ricker150 Fundraising Initiative

By giving to this fund, you are assuring our flexibility to respond to the areas of greatest need and/or urgency within the school–be it a student who is making ends meet or a studio field trip that emerges as an option.

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