Ricker Report

Ricker Report is the School of Architecture's student-run journal.

Current cover of the Ricker Report
Cover of the Spring 2021 Ricker Report

Ricker Report

Originally, Ricker Notes was a periodical for the School of Architecture edited and published by students, who included feature articles, news, poetry, drawings, and book reviews. The title “Ricker” refers to Nathan Clifford Ricker, the first graduate of an architecture program in the United States (in March of 1873).

In 2018, Ricker Notes returned in the form of Ricker Report. The goal of the new Ricker Report is to connect architecture, engineering, and other disciplines while featuring students, alumni, and other talented professionals.

Ricker Report is dedicated to the memory of Emeritus Professor James Warfield and Architecture Ricker Librarian Chris Quinn. Their passion and loyalty to the School of Architecture, Ricker Library, and the University of Illinois continues to inspire students each day.

Editorial Team


Shravan Arun

Director of Operations

Mila Lipinski

Director of Outreach

TJ Bayowa

Lead Editors

Diego Huacuja, Hannah Galkin, Delnaaz Kharadi


Andrew Cross, Kriti Chaudhry, Michelle Mo, Phoebe Glimm, Alejandro Toro, Defne Ergun

Graphic Designers

Adam Czapla, Zach Michaliska, Asher Ginnodo, Eliza Peng, Jerry Rodriguez, Rachita Ranjit, Sneha Patel, Ishita Anand

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