Nathalie Frankowski is an educator, designer, author, poet, curator, artist and co-founder of WAI Architecture Think Tank. She is a co-founder of artist collective Garcia Frankowski and a co-founding curator of critically acclaimed alternative art space Intelligentsia Gallery智先画廊 in Beijing.

Frankowski is an assistant professor at the School of Architecture + Design at Virginia Tech and is a former Ann Kalla Professor at Carnegie Mellon University, Hyde Chair of Excellence in Architecture at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and Visiting Teaching Fellow at The School of Architecture at Taliesin institutions where he promoted the foundation of student-led publications, symposia and curatorial programs including WASH Magazine (Taliesin), Fold (UNL), and POST-NOVIS. In response to the global pandemic of COVID-19, Frankowski has been developing Loudreaders, a series of online sessions and a free and accessible online trade school exploring networks of intellectual solidarity. Garcia has lectured in many universities, institutions, and festivals in the Americas, Europe, Australia and China.

Together with Cruz Garcia, Frankowski is the author of Narrative Architecture: A Kynical Manifesto (Rotterdam: NAI010 Publishers, 2020), Pure Hardcore Icons: A Manifesto on Pure Form in Architecture (London: Artifice Books on Architecture, 2013) translated to German by ARCH+(Berlin) and set for publication in Chinese as 纯粹极致标志 (Beijing: China Architecture and Building Press, 2021), Shapes, Islands, Text: A Garcia Frankowski Manifesto (Sevilla: Vibok Works, 2014), a series of Children’s books on Art and Architecture including The Story of the Little Girl and The Sun. They are the authors of “Un-Making Architecture: An Anti-Racist Architecture Manifesto” and are currently working on the upcoming book From Black Square to Black Reason: A Post-Colonial Architecture Manifesto.


École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris La Villette Department of Architecture, Art and Philosophy, Diplome d’État d’Architecture option research
Final Project: “It Feels Like Home: Chez-soi entre nature et densité” Jury Special Mention
École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Saint-Étienne ENSASE