Professor Emerita Joy Malnar is a licensed architect whose work focuses on the sensory attributes of architecture. She is specifically interested in human interaction with urban and lakefront environments, especially in her hometown of Chicago. Her studios have focused on urban, residential types with an emphasis on their sensory aspects, as well as varied, multiuse lakefront buildings such as boathouses, restaurants, and comfort stations. She also conducts graduate seminars based on her book, Sensory Design. She believes that if designers had a better understanding of the human senses, our designed environment would be enriched. Her most recent book, New Architecture on Indigenous Lands moves beyond academic, phenomenological theory to present buildings designed to address cultural and environmental sustainability. Indigenous design methodologies tend to stress spatial, social, spiritual, and experiential factors more or less equally. Recently her graduate studios have designed projects for Native American clients requiring research into their building traditions, thus helping architects work in a more meaningful way with diverse cultures throughout the world.


M.Arch, University of Illinois at Chicago; 1981
BFA, Interior Design, Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, Chicago, Illinois; 1978