Minor in Architectural Studies

The Minor in Architectural Studies introduces non-architecture undergraduate students to an overview of architecture history, theory, and design.



This minor can complement any discipline on campus and is the only minor offered by the School of Architecture. Successful completion requires 19-21 credit hours in architecture. ARCH 231: Anatomy of Buildings and ARCH 273: Strategies of Architectural Design must be taken concurrently.

Required Coursework

  • ARCH 171: Concepts and Theories of Architectural Design (3 hours)
  • ARCH 210: Introduction to the History of World Architecture (3 hours)
  • ARCH 231: Anatomy of Buildings (4 hours)
  • ARCH 273: Strategies for Architectural Design (3 hours)

Additional Coursework

  • ARCH 321: Environment, Architecture, and Global Health (3 hours)
  • ARCH 4XX: Architectural History Seminar (multiple options) (3 hours)
  • ARCH 434: Environmental Control Systems 1 (5 hours)
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