Equipment Reservations

The Illinois School of Architecture maintains a variety of different equipment available for student and faculty use.

How to make a reservation

When you want to make a reservation to check out equipment belonging to the Illinois School of Architecture, you will need to log into the Architecture Resource Scheduler. After opening the link, sign in to ARS using your netID and password. Next, at the top left, select the “Request” tab, followed by selecting “single event” for the appropriate term. Follow the process of setting up a request. You will not receive a piece of equipment if your approval status is either “new” or “rejected.”

How to cancel a reservation

At times, you may not need the full amount of time you originally reserved a piece of equipment for. When you have finished with a piece of equipment early, you can cancel the remaining time. To do this, you will need to log back into the Architecture Resource Scheduler. After signing into ARS, make sure you have the “Request” tab selected. Under “Existing Requests” select the appropriate term, then click “view request” for the item you would like to cancel. Under “modify request” select “cancel this request.” Confirm the cancellation.

Where to pick up and return equipment

Equipment that belongs to the Illinois School of Architecture and is checked out via the Architecture Resource Scheduler (ARS) is kept in the TBH Room 20 Computer Lab. If you have a reservation, see the lab technician on duty during staffed hours.

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