At the Illinois School of Architecture we provide students with an aesthetically motivated and technically rigorous design education. The depth and breadth of our curriculum enables students to become leaders in a range of disciplinary specialties

In a time when a new formalism represents the avant garde, we, like the school’s founder Nathan Ricker, look beyond current fashion, striving to leverage technical virtuosity in the service of performative design, aesthetic expression, and service to society.

We “Learn from the Past – Question the Present – Shape the Future.” Students and faculty challenge current thinking by working together to explore innovative design solutions.

Our diverse and accomplished faculty offer students a strong intellectual foundation informed by our position within a top-tier research university. Students explore theoretical and conceptual positions informed by history and technology, and envision creative design solutions for real-world settings in communities, organizations, and firms. Our comprehensive programs prepare students to design and research in a rapidly changing global context from the macro to the micro scale.

We develop graduates who are highly sought after in architecture and allied professions for their expertise in design + technical integration.

"The interdiciplinary approach to architecture that we were taught at the Illinois School of Architecture allowed me to be productive on my first day of employment. We hire graduates from Illinois because they are well prepared to enter the professional world, because they are ready to be productive on the first day of employment, and because they have the ability to be extraordinary and to do their part to enhance our (WJE) reputation and contribute to our success."

Ian Chin, RA, SE, PE, FASTM
Vice President and Senior Principal
Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.