The Illinois School of Architecture maintains some of the most active student organizations of any architecture program in the country. Through participation in these organizations, students enrich and enhance their academic experience. Every year student organizations organize an impressive range of programming including portfolio workshops, office visits, short technology classes, and an annual open house. Students actively participate in the governance of the school through the Architecture Student Advisory Council.


Alpha Rho Chi is a national co-educational fraternity that caters to students in architecture and the allied arts. This professional/social organization was founded in 1914 through the joint effort of students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. The Illinois Anthemios chapter is one of the strongest of the 32 active chapters. With an expanding membership and devoted active members, the chapter and chapter house are experiencing constant improvement and renovation.

The chapter house, which appears on the National Register of Historic Places, represents the ideals of the Arts and Crafts movement. Built between 1927 and 1931 by Joseph William Royer, it is modeled after the famous Red House in Bexley Heath, England. The exterior is ornamented with various colors and textures of brick, and the clay roofing tiles strengthen the house’s handcrafted theme.

The chapter holds a variety of programs, ranging from lectures and art shows to design critiques, as well as many social functions.

2018-2019 APX Board

Taylor Lutz - Worthy Architect | Gillian Zhao - Worthy Associate Architect | Xavier Perez - Worthy Estimator | Jon Levitske - Worthy Clerk | Alex Falbo - Worthy Scribe | Ethan Barreto - Worthy Superintendent | Jacob Sodaro - Worthy Pledge Trainer


The American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) is a national organization that represents student opinions on the Boards of Directors of the American Institute of Architects, the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, the National Architectural Accrediting Board, and various other organizations involved with the discipline and profession of Architecture.

The University of Illinois chapter of AIAS regularly holds T-shirt design contests, portfolio workshops, IDP workshops, an annual Beaux Arts Ball, and an annual Masonry Day with the local union. AIAS members receive discounts on select magazines, at local art supply stores, and at certain computer and software companies.

2017-2018 AIAS Board

Andrew Radford - President | Yuxi Lu - External Vice President  |  Nick Su - Treasurer |  Emma Schmitt - Outreach Chair | Alex Zhang - Licensing Chair | Eric Weber | Alex Sulek - Creative Chair


ARCHChina was established as a platform to advance education and professional networking as well as to provide the career guidance for the community of Chinese Architecture and Landscape Architecture students at large. The primary goal of the organization is to help Chinese students become better involved in the University’ s environment and to attend school activities. The organization is also a gateway for Chinese students to learn and be part of other Architecture Student Organizations.

ARCHChina is welcoming all students who are interested in Chinese history, culture, and architecture. The organization holds culture communication events, an annual studio tour, software program tutorials, and an art supply used market. 

2017-2018 ARCHChina Board
Xiang Li - President  | Qingyuan Zhou - Secretary | Qingqing (Bianca) Deng - Treasurer


The Architecture Student Advisory Council (ASAC) exists to improve communication between the students, staff, faculty, and administration of the school. ASAC provides a forum for discussion of a wide range of issues. ASAC conducts student activities, organizes student actions, solicits student opinions, and makes recommendations to the administration. ASAC executive officers play an advisory role to the administration.

ASAC solicits student opinions about faculty excellence through their annual Excellence In Teaching awards program; these awards are presented at the Annual Architecture Awards (A3).

2018-2019 ASAC Board
Claudia Miraldi - President | Charmaine Gutierrez - Vice President | Mallika Parambi - Secretary | Adam Czapla - Treasurer


Founded in 1918, the University of Illinois chapter of the national Gargoyle Architecture Honor Society is an academically elite group of Architecture students and faculty who have demonstrated an uncommon degree of scholarship and excellence in their everyday activities. Gargoyle recognizes academic excellence and proficiency in Architecture and promotes an attitude of responsibility, professionalism, and service. Although membership is by invitation only, Gargoyle sponsors and encourages activities that promote and reflect the ideals of the organization throughout the school.

2018-2019 Gargoyle Board
Rashmi Ramakanth - Co-President | Srushti Nehete - Co-President | Kaushik Anantharam - Vice President |Allison Gasper - Secretary | Lucas Spiewak - Treasurer | Matthew Ehlers - Public Relations

GAB designs and constructs socially responsible and sustainable architecture solutions in developing nations. A think tank design approach that utilizes extensive community dialogue and independent research to create efficient, appropriate, and elegant structures to be embraced and utilized by the communities we serve. 

2015 - 2016 Global Architecture Brigades Board 
Christian Pepper - President/Treasurer | Bill Smarzewski - Graduate Liaison | Tom McCormick - Media Chair | Molly Ma- Recruitment Chair | Sai Hu - Social Chair

Hispanic Organization of Urban Studies and the Environment (HOUSE)

HOUSE is a Hispanic and Afro-Latinx involvement in the development of environmental professionals in the fields of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning and the Arts, and acts as a support network that helps students with their day to day academic challenges and addresses ways that students can play a role as future professionals.

2018-2019 HOUSE Board
Charmaine Gutierrez - President | Frida Palacios - Vice President | Roberta Arellano - Secretary | Jesus Sanchez - Treasurer | Jazmin House - Social Media | Alicia Gomez - Assistant Social Media


The National Organization of Minority Architecture Students (NOMAS) is dedicated to racial and cultural pluralism in the architecture profession. NOMAS is an academic, professional, and service organization that seeks to provide the collective voice of minority architecture students within the school by building a sense of community based on shared experiences unique to minority students. Through strong leadership, service, and networking with minority professionals, NOMAS serves as an anchor for the accomplishments of minority students.

The Illinois chapter was founded in 1978 by Ernest Clay. As a Project 500 student at Illinois in the mid-1960s, Clay was one of the first African-American students to enroll in the school, and he later became an accomplished architect and professor. It is on this spirit of accomplishment that the proud tradition of NOMAS seeks to build its foundation.

2018-2019 NOMAS Board
Frida Palacios - President & INOMA Student Rep | Jazmin House - Vice President | Jenifer Romero - Treasurer | Lauren Garriott - Student Advisor | Camilo Carrasco - Event Planning | Dijo Matthews - Design/Graphics | Jazmin House - Public Service + Cultural House 


Society for Evidence-Based Architecture (SEBA) is an interdisciplinary student organization at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign that brings together groups of students, faculty and professionals who are committed to enhance human health and well-being through design of the built environment. 

SEBA aims to work closely with faculty and industry experts in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, urban and regional planning, community health, and environmental engineering and will organize lectures, portfolio reviews, facility tours, and social gatherings events for its members. Moreover, SEBA provides information regarding the Evidence-Based Design Accreditation and Certification (EDAC) exam, and helps students to become EDAC-certified individuals.

2018-2019 SEBA Board
Ali Momen Heravi - President | Joshua Downes - Vice President & Treasurer 

The Society of Architectural Historians (SAH) Illinois chapter, founded in 1984, encourages scholarly research in the field and promotes the preservation of significant architectural monuments. The student chapter encourages the study of architectural history and preservation through lectures, discussions, field trips, and workshops.


The primary goal of the Society for Business and Management in Architecture (SBMA) is to inform and educate architecture students about the vast array of opportunities available to them in the fields of firm management, real estate, construction management, development, and law. To accomplish this goal, SBMA bridges the gap between architecture and business, enabling architecture students to develop into future business leaders. SBMA introduces architecture students to the business world, providing information about professional and corporate environments. SBMA provides a forum for collaboration and networking through a regular series of events involving successful professionals and the student body.

Every student will eventually interact with the business world. A sound understanding of business principles is becoming increasingly necessary for future architects, especially those who aspire to own or manage their own firm. An architectural education also provides a good foundation for careers in real estate, construction management, and development. The University of Illinois offers outstanding programs in both architecture and business; SBMA brings the resources of these programs together to provide valuable knowledge to its members. Several members of SBMA participate in the three-year M.Arch/MBA program. SBMA advocates a new approach to the architecture profession: uniting solid design judgment with savvy business expertise.

2018-2019 SBMA Board
Alexander Sulek - President | Kathleen Pacione - External Vice President | Duwarren Gibson - Internal Vice President | William Bosen - Treasurer | Frida Palacios - Director of Events | Molly Blanke - Director of Media | Kara O'Hearn - Director of Outreach | Dylan Young - Lecture Coordinator | Logan Walker & Rebecca Palmer - Ex-Officio's

Solar Decathlon Illinois RSO is a multi-disciplinary organization that formed after the University's involvement in three past Solar Decathlon competitions.  Starting in 2002, the US Department of Energy sponsors a biannual competition where twenty Universities from around the world design and construct an innovative and efficient net-zero home.  They are transported to a central location and over the course of a week the homes are judged in ten different criteria including energy balance, architecture, communications, and market appeal to name a few.  Europe began having their own Solar Decathlon competitions in 2007 and China also just joined in 2013.  

The RSO works to recruit future team members, maintain sponsor relations, and help maintain the three past homes that are near campus.  We work to educate the campus and community about the importance of sustainable energy efficient homes and hope to provide a strong foundation for future Illinois Decathlon teams.  New members are always welcome and there are many opportunities for involvement including working on past homes, marketing efforts, or even being part of the next design team.  Contact with questions or request for information.

Michael Cooper - President | Jonah Messinger - Vice President | Jake Fava - Treasurer 


The Women in Architecture group provides a forum for discussion regarding issues and concerns of women in architecture and related professions. The group strives to learn more about the achievements of other female architects and professionals, to become aware of the difficulties women have encountered in professional practice, and to gain insight from their successes. Members engage in discussions on architecture, connect with their community through volunteerism, and meet with younger generations to expose them to the world of architecture. Throughout the year, WIA hosts a series of guest speakers, tours architecture firms in various cities, and holds events to foster relationships among students and faculty. UIUC WIA's ultimate goal is to increase the visibility of women in architecture, provide networking opportunities, and advocate for issues of females in the profession.

2019-2020 WIA Board
Krystal Levitske - Co President | Mila Lipinski - Co President | Cristina Dekker - Treasurer | Sarah Mactaggart - Marketing Chair | Lesley Rivera - Social Chair | Frida Palacios - Student Advisor