Spring 2022 Courses

Spring 2022 Studios

ARCHON Studio / Volterra-World Heritage Sites

Arch 571, David Chasco 

“Keeping Up with ‘The Joneses:’ Historic Preservation and Barrier-Free/Universal Design”

Arch 571, Paul Kapp

Plym Studio

Arch 571, Plym Distinguished Professor Solano Benitez & Andrea Melgarejo de Berry

Southern Pine

Arch 572, Christina Bollo

Chicago Studio

Arch 573, Joseph Altshuler

Micro House: A Design/Build Studio

Arch 573, Tom Loew

Adaptive Reuse Studio

Arch 573, Scott Murray

Studio Ark: New Center for Environmental Refugees

Arch 574, B. Hogan – F Bares

The Tokyo Studio

Arch 574, Botond Bognar

Innovating and reconnecting the underserved city

Arch 574, Rodrigo Vidal

Reclaiming forgotten identities

Arch 575, Sara Bartumeus

The Performance Art Studio

Arch 575, Nathalie Belanger

Spring 2022 Seminars & Electives

ISoA Lectures Seminar

ARCH 401 LEC, David Isern 

Attendance to all scheduled ISoA Lectures

NOMAS Design Competition

ARCH 401 NOM, Francisco Rodríguez-Suárez


Transformations in African Centered Architecture

ARCH 401 NM, Nmadili Okwumabua


The Architecture of Graphic Design

ARCH 401  AGD, Robin Planas Casado


The postulates, principles, and architecture of Le Corbusier

ARCH 401  ALC, Professor Alejandro Lapunzina 


Modernity's Mirror: Nineteenth-Century Architecture (1750-1900)

ARCH 415, Heather Grossman



Architecture of the United States

ARCH 416, Tait Johnson 


Advanced Research in Environment, Architecture and Global Health

ARCH 522, Lingyi Qiu


Architecture, Cinema, Environment and Behavior

ARCH 576 ACB, Kathryn H. Anthony


Topics in Architectural History: Memory and Architecture

ARCH 591 HG, Heather Grossman


Special Problems in Urbanism

ARCH 592, John Stallmeyer


[CHICAGO STUDIO] Fabricating Play - Intimate Architectures and Installation Design

ARCH 593, Assistant Professor Joseph Altshuler


Spring 2022 Full Course Listing

Table of Spring 2022 classes

Number Title Faculty Credits
ARCH 172 Drawing and Modeling Bliss, A. 3
ARCH 199 Undergraduate Open Seminar Hemingway, E. 1-5
ARCH 222 Islamic Gardens & Architecture Ruggles, D. 3
ARCH 232 Structural Fundamentals Uihlein, M. 4
ARCH 274 Representation Melgarejo de Berry, A. 3-4
ARCH 314 History of World Landscapes Rhee, P. 4
ARCH 372 Designing for Human Well-being Lapunzina, A., Dearborn, L. 6
ARCH 400 Senior Honors in Architecture Varies 1-4
ARCH 401 Independent Study Planas, R., Lapunzina, A., Isern, D., Okwumabua, N., Rodriguez, F. 0-4
ARCH 409 Special Topics in Spanish Architecture Varies 3
ARCH 415 Modernity's Mirror: Nineteenth-Century Architecture 1750-1900 Grossman, H. 3
ARCH 416 The Architecture of the United States, c. 1650 to Present Johnson, T. 3
ARCH 435 Structural Systems and Construction Methods Krishnan, S. 4
ARCH 468 Overseas Architectural Studies Lapunzina, A. 3
ARCH 472 Arch Des in Landscape & Cities Armstrong, P. 6
ARCH 474 Architectural Design and Making Lapunzina, A., Altshuler, J., Hemingway, E. 6
ARCH 482 Drawing and Modeling Bliss, A. 1-3
ARCH 484 Representation Melgarejo de Berry, A., Yi, Y. 1-3
ARCH 491 Arch Professional Internship Isern, D. 0
ARCH 499 Off-Campus Study Isern, D. 0-12
ARCH 501 Architectural Practice Varies 3
ARCH 510 History of World Landscapes Rhee, P. 4
ARCH 517 Modern Architectural History, 1850-Present Bross, B. 3
ARCH 522 Advanced Research in Environment, Architecture & Global Health Qiu, L. 4
ARCH 537 Environmental Control Systems II Mosey, G. 4
ARCH 554 Adv Steel Design Aminmansour, A. 3
ARCH 556 Advanced Structural Planning Varies 4
ARCH 560 Advanced Structural Analysis Krishnan, S. 3
ARCH 571 Design: Detail and Architectonics Kapp, P., Benitez Vargas, F., Melgarejo de Berry, A. 6
ARCH 572 Design: Health and Well-being Isern, D., Bollo,C. 6
ARCH 573 Design: Technology and Performance Murray, S., Loew, T., Altshuler, J. 6
ARCH 574 Design: Architecture and Urban Design Lapunzina, A., Isern, D., Bartumeus, S., Bognar, B., Bross, B. 6
ARCH 575 Integrative Architecture Design Studio Chasco, D. 6
ARCH 576 Architectural Design Seminar Anthony, K. 3
ARCH 590 Directed Research Varies 0-8
ARCH 591 Special Problems in Architectural History and Theory Grossman, H., Stallmeyer, J. 3-4
ARCH 592 Special Problems in Urbanism Stallmeyer, J. 2-4
ARCH 593 Special Problems in Detail and Fabrication Deutsch, R., Altshuler, J. 2-4
ARCH 595 Special Problems in Theory & Design Aminmansour, A., Fast, P., Pawlikowski, J. 2-4
ARCH 599 Thesis Research Varies 0-16
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