Fall 2021 Electives

Architecture and Graphic Design

Arch 576 AGD, R. Planas Casado

Architectural Programming

ARCH 576 AP, David Chasco

Experimental Envelopes

ARCH 576 EXP, Scott Murray

Age of Digital Reproduction

ARCH 576 FAB, Erik Hemingway

High Performance Building Design

ARCH 576 HPB, Yun Kyu Yi

Japanese Minimalism

ARCH 576 MIN, Botond Bognar 

Post-Colonial Landscapes

ARCH 576 PCL, Nathalie Frankowski and Cruz Garcia 

Picking Up the Pieces

ARCH 576 PUP, Mark Taylor 

Spatial Practice: Placemaking

ARCH 576 SPP, Benjamin Bross

Urban Design and Morphology

ARCH 576 UDM, Kevin Hinders 

Wood Furniture Workshop

ARCH 576 WFW, Carl Lewis 

Daylighting Design and Human Health

ARCH 594 DDH, Mohamed Boubekri 

In this course students will learn about the basic principles of the utilization of natural light in buildings (daylighting), and how it impacts building occupants’ comfort, performance, health and general wellbeing. Through a series of lectures, case studies, and round table discussions students will be exposed to the impact of natural light, or lack thereof, on the health and wellbeing of building users.

Fall 2021 Full Course Listing

Table of Fall 2021 Courses

Number Title Faculty Credits
ARCH 171 Concepts and Theories of Architectural Design Bliss, A. 3
ARCH 199 Undergraduate Open Seminar Varies 1-5
ARCH 210 Introduction to the History of World Architecture Grossman, H. 3
ARCH 231 Anatomy of Buildings Deutsch, R. 4
ARCH 273 Strategies of Architectural Design Melgarejo De Berry, A. 3
ARCH 321 Environment, Architecture, and Global Health Bollo, C. 3
ARCH 371 Architectural Design and Urbanism Bartumeus Ferre, S., Bross, B., Dharwadker, A., Marcos, C., Sabate Giner, M., Serrat, S., Swiatek, P., Vidal, R. 6
ARCH 400 Senior Honors in Architecture Varies 1-4
ARCH 401 Independent Study Varies 1-4
ARCH 412 Medieval Architecture Grossman, H. 3
ARCH 417 Modern and Contemporary Global Architecture Johnson, T, 3
ARCH 424 Gender & Race in Contemporary Architecture Anthony, K. 3
ARCH 433 Design of Steel and Reinforced Concrete Structures Aminmansour, A. 4
ARCH 434 Environmental Control Systems I Boubekri, M., Strand, R. 5
ARCH 471 Fundamentals of Architectural Design Lewis, C. 6
ARCH 473 Architectural Design and Performance Barinas Uribe, M., Deutsch, R., Johnson, T., Murray, S., Staback Rodriguez, D., Taylor, M. 6
ARCH 481 Concepts and Theories of Architectural Design Bliss, A. 1-3
ARCH 483 Strategies of Architectural Design Melgarejo De Berry, A. 1-3
ARCH 491 Architecture Professional Internship Lewis, C. 0
ARCH 498 Directed Research in Architecture Varies 1-4
ARCH 521 Advanced Applications in the Built Environment, Architecture and Global Health and Well-Being Bollo, C. 4
ARCH 536 Planning and Design of Structural Systems Krishnan, S. 4
ARCH 550 Reinforced Concrete Design Aminmansour, A. 4
ARCH 551 Structural Analysis Uihlein, M. 4
ARCH 552 Soil Mechanics and Foundations Varies 3
ARCH 555 Prestressed Concrete Design Krishnan, S. 3
ARCH 557 Seismic Analysis and Design Varies 3
ARCH 571 Design: Detail and Architectonics Hemingway, E., Kapp, P., Melgarejo De Berry, A. 6
ARCH 572 Design: Behavior and Environment Varies 6
ARCH 573 Design: Technology and Performance Hammann, R., Yi, Y. 6
ARCH 574 Design: Architecture and Urban Design Armstrong, P., Bognar, B., Chasco, D., Hinders, K., Lapunzina, A. 6
ARCH 576 Architectural Design Seminar Varies 3
ARCH 577 Theories of Architecture Stallmeyer, J. 4
ARCH 589 PhD Colloquium Ruggles, D. 1
ARCH 590 Directed Research Varies 0-8
ARCH 591 Special Problems in Architectural History and Theory Varies 3-4
ARCH 593 Special Problems in Detail and Fabrication Varies 2-4
ARCH 594 Special Problems in Building Performance Boubekri, M., Strand, R. 0-4
ARCH 595 Special Problems in Structural Theory and Design Varies 2-4
ARCH 597 Special Problems in Architectural Design Varies 2-4
ARCH 598 Specialized Architectural Practice Varies 0
ARCH 599 Thesis Research Varies 0-16
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