Fall 2020 Courses

Fall 2020 Studios


ARCH 571 (E1), Erik Hemingway

The seventh annual AIA COTE Top Ten for Students Competition challenges students to submit projects that use a thoroughly integrated approach to architecture, natural systems, and technology to enhance the environment.


ARCH 571 (E2), Tom Loew

The I-House Design-Build studio explores the design process as it directly relates to the practice of custom design and to the fabrication of a residential scale project.

Manhattan Now

ARCH 571 (E3), Sotirios Kotoulas

This studio will reimagine the city of New York in the midst of the current global pandemic and social revolution.


ARCH 572 (E1), AnnaMarie Bliss and Trina Sandschafer

This studio asks designers to consider how the architecture and space around housing structures impact a resident’s ability maintain wellness and high quality of life.

Building Performance

ARCH 573 (E1), Ralph Hammann

High-Rise and Habitat Studio

ARCH 574 (E1), Paul Armstrong 

This studio explores the  relationship of the skyscraper to a complex physical, social, and environmental context, while engaging issues of detail and construction in expressing architectural ideas and concepts.

Design for COVID 19: Rethinking the University Campus

ARCH 574 (E2), Aneesha Dharwadker

This graduate studio, a collaboration between Architecture and Landscape Architecture, reimagines the Urbana-Champaign campus in an era of social distancing.

Center for the Study of Etruscan Culture, Volterra, Italy

ARCH 574 (E3), David Chasco

The Center for the Study of Etruscan Culture and Artifacts project will seek to confront and analyze profound issues on expectations for new urban or historic-like civic environments.

Studio Africa: Mange Negotiations

ARCH 574 (E4), Marcos Barinas-Uribe 

We will target the risks of declining mangrove ecosystems in West-Central Africa, Its cultural, economic and political implications. We will study its relevance for architecture design, its social pertinence and its environmental responsibility.

Innovating and Reconnecting the Underserved City

ARCH 574 (E5), Rodrigo Vidal 

This studio addresses planning and designing health, social, and mobility infrastructural nodes as second growth models in underserved communities in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Fall 2020 Electives

Architectural Programming: Confronting Cultural Proposals in the Built Environment

ARCH 576 (AP), David Chasco 

Students will engage architectural programming as a method to explore design issues and their intellectual impact on built cultural art facility projects in an urban/non-urban or academic environment.

Experimental Envelopes

ARCH 576 (EXP), Scott Murray

This graduate seminar focuses on the theory, design, and analysis of building envelope systems.

Global Design Practice: Themes, Critiques, and Radical Alternatives

ARCH 576 (GDP), Aneesha Dharwadker

This graduate seminar surveys contemporary design practice on six continents, introducing students to a wide variety of scales, methods, questions, and positions that are emerging in the 21st century.

Performance and Design: Parametric Integration

ARCH 576 (PI), Yun Kyu Yi 

This course develops techniques for integrating environmental performance analysis and the design of buildings, with an emphasis on parametric methods.

Spatial Practice of Placemaking

ARCH 576 (SPP), Benjamin Bross 

Using case studies and a selection of compelling readings, students will explore beyond form and function and dive into the production of space through the lenses of phenomenology, history (including collective memory), and sociocultural practice.

Building Energy Research

ARCH 594 (BER), Rick Strand 

Learn about building energy simulation (EnergyPlus), parametric analysis of building characteristics, and current research on buildings and energy.

Fall 2020 Full Course Listing

Table of courses offered

Number Title Faculty Credits
ARCH 171 Concepts and Theories of Architectural Design Bliss, A. 3
ARCH 199 Undergraduate Open Seminar Boubekri, M. 1-5
ARCH 210 Introduction to the History of World Architecture Grossman, H. 3
ARCH 222 Islamic Gardens & Architecture Ruggles, D. 3
ARCH 231 Anatomy of Buildings Deutsch, R. 4
ARCH 273 Strategies of Architectural Design Melgarejo de Berry, A. 3
ARCH 321 Environment, Architecture, and Global Health Bollo, C. 3
ARCH 371 Architectural Design and Urbanism Bartumeus Ferre, S., Bross, B., Hinders, K., Lapunzina, A., Sabate Giner, M., Serrat, S., Stallmeyer, J., Swiatek, H. 6
ARCH 400 Senior Honors in Architecture Varies 1-4
ARCH 401 Independent Study Varies 0-4
ARCH 412 Medieval Architecture Grossman, H. 3
ARCH 417 Modern and Contemporary Global Architecture Johnson. T. 3
ARCH 424 Gender & Race in Contemporary Architecture Anthony, K. 3
ARCH 433 Design of Steel and Reinforced Concrete Structures Aminmansour, A., Datta, A. 4
ARCH 434 Environmental Control Systems I Boubekri, M., Strand, R. 5
ARCH 468 Overseas Architectural Studies (Barcelona) Lapunzina, A. 3
ARCH 471 Fundamentals of Architectural Design Lewis, C. 6
ARCH 473 Architectural Design and Performance Brakke, A., Deutsch, R., Johnson, T., Lapunzina, A., Murray, S., Staback Rodriguez, D., Taylor, M., Yi, Y. 6
ARCH 481 Concepts and Theories of Architectural Design Bliss, A. 1-3
ARCH 483 Strategies of Architectural Design Melgarejo de Berry, A. 1-3
ARCH 491 Professional Internship Lewis, C. 0
ARCH 498 Directed Research in Architecture Varies 1-4
ARCH 521 Advanced Applications in the Built Environment, Architecture and Global Health and Well-Being Bollo, C. 4
ARCH 536 Planning and Design of Structural Systems Krishnan, S. 4
ARCH 550 Reinforced Concrete Design Krishnan, S. 4
ARCH 551 Structural Analysis Uihlein, M. 4
ARCH 554 Advanced Steel Design Aminmansour, A. 3
ARCH 571 Design: Detail and Architectonics Hemingway, E., Loew, T. 6
ARCH 572 Design: Behavior and Environment (Chicago Studio) Bliss, A., Sandschafer, T. 6
ARCH 573 Design: Technology and Performance Hammann, R. 6
ARCH 574 Design: Architecture and Urban Design Armstrong, P., Barinas Uribe, M., Chasco, D., Dharwadker, A., Vidal, R. 6
ARCH 576 Architectural Design Seminar: Architectural Programming Chasco, D. 3
ARCH 576 Architectural Design Seminar: Black Square to Black Reason Frankowski, N., Garcia Santiago, C. 3
ARCH 576 Architectural Design Seminar: Experimental Envelopes Murray, S. 3
ARCH 576 Architectural Design Seminar: Global Design Practice Dharwadker, A. 3
ARCH 576 Architectural Design Seminar: Parametric Integration Yi, Y. 3
ARCH 576 Architectural Design Seminar: Spatial Practice-Placemaking Bross, B. 3
ARCH 577 Theories of Architecture Stallmeyer, J. 4
ARCH 589 Ph.D. Colloquium Boubekri, M. 1
ARCH 590 Directed Research Varies 0-8
ARCH 591 Special Problems in Architectural History and Theory Varies 3-4
ARCH 593 Special Problems in Detail and Fabrication Varies 2-4
ARCH 594 Special Problems in Building Performance Strand, R. 0-4
ARCH 595 Special Problems in Structural Theory and Design Varies 2-4
ARCH 597 Special Problems in Architectural Design Varies 2-4
ARCH 598 Specialized Architectural Practice Varies 0
ARCH 599 Thesis Research (Doctoral students only) Varies 0-16
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