"My architectural education at the University of Illinois gave me a great appreciation and awareness of the historical context of the architecture in our urban environments that I still reflect on today. I also gained perspective on the social importance and the economic impacts of design. Consequently the work of my firm attempts to create buildings that enhance their communities, define a place for social interaction, and create an architecture of consequence."

William A. Browne, Jr., FAIA, LEED AP

Founding Principal / President 
RATIO Architects, Inc. 
Indianapolis, IN

RATIO Architects, Inc. 

RATIO is an interdisciplinary design practice offering services in architecture, preservation, interior design, landscape architecture, urban design and planning, and graphic design. Since our founding in 1982, the firm has partnered with a diverse list of clients and gained a wealth of experience in the higher education, community, K-12, life sciences, workplace, lifestyle and cultural marketplaces.

After over 30 years, RATIO has evolved to a firm of more than 85 designers and administrative staff. The firm’s four studio locations in Indianapolis, IN; Champaign, IL; Raleigh, NC; and Chicago, IL allow our team of design professionals to cross geographic boundaries and provide a high level of architectural design excellence to clients throughout the country.

In every project, we look first to understand our client’s character and history and use creative design to reflect their mission, values and spirit. We understand the importance of listening and know it’s the critical first step in helping to shape your design vision. Our team listens to your goals, values and budget and then translates that vision into a distinctive, functional solution unique to your organization.

Our philosophy of reason and proportion transcend all aspects of our work – from how we select project teams, to how we approach client relationships and throughout the entire planning and design process. Above all, the RATIO team values its role in using creative and engaging design to connect people with their community.




Big Ten Headquarters
Chicago, IL 

NCAA Headquarters
Indianapolis, IN

Indiana Convention Center
Indianapolis, IN

Georgia Street 
Indianapolis, IN

Indiana State Museum 
Indianapolis, IN



"We have hired many Illinois grads over the years. It's always a little exciting when I see a resume with my alma mater on it."

When it comes to hiring practices, RATIO looks for talented candidates with qualities that best reflect the firm's vision and mission when it comes to achieving goals and success.