Urban Mixed use in the Arlington, Virginia Transit Corridor

ARCH 574 | Spring 2013
Visiting Professor Damion Leverett

As students enter the profession in the near future, the proliferation of mixed-use development in Asia and other regions is expected to grow. It is therefore critical for students to have a working knowledge of multi-use typologies and possess the critical skills needed to parse development standards and integrate them into a working program and thoughtful design.

This studio will feature the development of a mid to low hi-rise mixed use project located in the Clarendon and Ballston sub-neighborhoods of Arlington, Virginia. Arlington is adjacent to Washington DC and has become an important housing, retail, business and governmental center. The area continues to grow as subway lanes have become a catalyst to the enhancement of urban life and street activity.

The focus of this course is twofold. Firstly, the project seeks to foster skills in multistory development with an emphasis on structural systems and the integration of sub-surface parking. The project goal is to address programmatic and technical challenges while maintaining a high level of design excellence.

Secondly, the student will choose an anchor element that enhances the project viability and is synergetic to the established mass transit schema. Examples of these anchors include: art theater, fitness center (with climbing wall), museum or other student choice.  The project size will range between 250,000sf and 500,000sf at a height of approximately 250feet. Required mixed-use components include sub-surface parking and grade level retail. Optional components include a choice of hotel, office or housing.