ARCH 572 | Spring 2014
Associate Professor Kevin Hinders 

The City of Normal is considering construction of a cutting-edge, highly sustainable and highly exploratory new library and is presently evaluating several "green-grass" site options. Studio GC Architects is currently providing pre-design services that include visioning, programming, site assessment and conceptual design. This studio will work with StudioGC to provide outstanding exploratory investigations which respond to client needs and cultural context. This Library will be approximately 60,000 square feet and may be part of a larger civic endeavor to include other structure(s).

Topics that may be of interest to sponsored studio participants include:

·  Building programming

·  Identifying 21st century library trends

·  Working  with  sustainable  structural  systems  such  as  mass  timber  and  cross- laminated timber construction

·  Highly integrated day lighting design

·  Incorporating natural ventilation strategies into a large floor plate, public building

·  Sustainable site design

·   Attending meetings with specialty library equipment vendors

·   Participating in stakeholder workshops and informational meetings

·   Participating in presentations to the Library Board, City Council and the public

The studio will have monetary sponsorship to create models and drawings and facilitate travel to/from venues.  Students will work in teams to create models but projects will be individual or two student productions at the discretion of the students and faculty.