Parametric Design to Digital Fabrication

ARCH 576 | Fall 2019
Lecturer Bhujon Kang


This seminar class researches, creates, and publishes a variety of entire design processes facilitating advanced digital technologies. Formalized by the parametric design methodologies, the students’ creative works are realized into the physical models assisted by the digital fabrication tools. In the seminar, students investigate contemporary technological development and the high-end usage and become familiar with the related software and the fabrication tools.

For the first half of the seminar, students focus on researching the technological enhancements and creating artworks of algorithmic/parametric design methodologies, and on the practice of the related software. Students will create an abstract painting utilizing Rhino/Grasshopper software for the mid-term assignment (individual projects.) After the mid-term presentation of the digital design, students pursue the realization of their pavilion design by the digital fabrication tools (group projects.) They facilitate the currently available fabrication tools like 3-axis CNC machine, laser cut, 3D printer, 6-axis robotic arm as well as the conventional craftsmanship in order to carve, print, cast and assemble the digital models.