New New Urbanism 

ARCH 574 | Fall 2013
Assistant Professor Kevin Erickson 


This studio will investigate post-industrial, ecological, and paradoxical  programmatic urban conditions  while developing strategies for generating, positioning,  and articulating big picture ideas through the realm of two international design competitions. We will focus on how to analyze, write, and communicate  ideas, which empower architects to promote good design rather than relying on antiquated methods of practice. Successful projects will go beyond the academic arena to influence future work and create opportunities for implementation. All projects will be sited in New York City.

Project 1: Self Sufficient Habitat |

Due: September 31 | Students will work in groups of 3

Project 2: Upcycled Architecture |

Due: December 5 | Students will work in groups of 2


Travel: during the 2nd week of October students will the have opportunity to visit New York City and investigate first-hand  issues defined in the studio.