National Research Lab Building, Lemont Illinois

Senior Studio | Arch 476
Professor Michael K. Kim

A Senior Architectural Design Studio with Comprehensive Integrative Design focus where all the knowledge acquired through the entire undergraduate education comes together to execute an architectural design project comprehensively, addressing various applicable design issues, through integration of all the requisite building systems to best accomplish teh project goals.

To increase the ability for comprehensive integrative buildingd esign as well as for efficient project execution for successful delivery of the buildings that can best accomplish teh desired project goals and design objectives within the limited means and constraints.

The studio is collaborative and seminar based.  Collaborative design is to encourage appreciation of diverse values and to facilitate creative synergy through crosspollination of design ideas.  The seminar is to further the necessary design knowledge while facilitating comprehensive integrative thinking.  Traditional but group based studio sessions follow the seminar sessions.

Specifically, the seminar sessions are for the discussion of applicable Topical or Design Issues in the context of the Design-In-Progress to facilitate further design development through comprehensive exploration of the ramifications of various plausible design developmental directions.  Studio sessions are where the design ideas that have just emerged from the seminar sessions are further explored, their viability tested, and further developmental possibilities explored.