"Mike attended Illinois in the early seventies, earning his BSAS and March. In 1976, he entered the profession and went to work with confidence and determination. After honing his architecture and business skills for 16 years, he launched his own firm. In 1992, together with Illinois alum Patrick Callahan, Gilfillan established a forward-focused design practice. The current version of this initiative is StudioGC, a Chicago-based 30-person firm that thrives on collaboration and change.

The value of a high-quality academic experience is rooted in the aggregated talent, passion, and commitment of faculty, staff, and students. Mike’s six years at the Illinois School of Architecture created a foundation for critical thinking, problem solving, and strategic intuition – all necessary ingredients for entrepreneurial success."

Mike Gilfillan

StudioGC Architects
Chicago, IL

StudioGC Architects

Established in 1992 as a design firm with specialty practices in both public and private sector architecture, StudioGC is rooted in a collaborative information-based project approach. Experience in diverse building types provides a platform for a wide variety of creative and thoughtful building solutions. The firm’s portfolio of work includes schools, colleges, libraries, municipal buildings, recreation centers, medical, research, and commercial projects.

StudioGC is an early adopter and recognized leader in Building Information Modeling (BIM). Building information modeling assists clients and project partners in fully understanding the development of complex projects. BIM technology fosters thoughtful design solutions, well-coordinated project systems, and production of highly accurate construction documents.

The firm’s concern for environmental initiatives reaches back to its beginning 20 years ago. As public interest in sustainable practices has grown, StudioGC has reinforced its green design commitment, aligning with the USGBC Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) initiative. The majority of professional staff at StudioGC Architects is LEED accredited.

StudioGC is a passionate community-minded partner, focused on creating cost-efficient, well-designed public and private facilities. Led by founding partners Michael Gilfillan and Patrick Callahan, StudioGC is a professional design firm offering planning, programming, architectural, interior design, cost estimating, and specialized BIM services. StudioGC is a Chicago-based practice with 22 staff members, 20 of whom are licensed architects, architectural graduates, or interns.

StudioGC is often a good fit for graduates of the Illinois School of Architecture. Our staff has regularly included a high percentage of Fighting Illini alumni. We’re not sure to what this should be attributed, but we do know it works well for us. We’re always looking for hard-working talented individuals that enjoy working in a high performance, yet somewhat laid-back, studio environment. More often than not, these individuals are wearing orange and blue on football Saturdays.