The Legacy of Mid Century Modernism in Central Illinois: A Hands-On Experience

ARCH 576 | Spring Semester
Professor Jeffery Poss, FAIA

Guest Instructors: Paul Armstrong, Emeritus Professor; Philip Kalantzis-Cope, PhD, ISoA Associate 


Imbedded into the history of the Illinois School of Architecture is a body of work both envisioned and constructed by faculty members teaching and practicing in the mid-to-late 20th Century.  The intention of this seminar was to bring this work to light for the current generation of architectural students, both as examples of conceptual and constructed excellence, and as their shared inheritance.

The seminar included:

·         Field Trips to experience exceptional examples of design;

·         Installation of exhibit of architects’ work;

·         Research on specific buildings, including architectural influences/historical precedent of the work, original archived drawings, writings, interviews, photography, and recording the experience of the built works;

Seminar sessions included site visits and guest lectures.  A total of seven buildings were visited. The participants developed various research topic, including written and graphic project analysis and media-based outreach components.