Large Public Urban Complex in Chicago 

ARCH 574 | Fall 2013
Professor Botond Bognar 

The studio will have one project in the semester,  but it will have two distinct parts. The program calls for the designing  of a large, mixed-­‐use  public urban complex  in Chicago, just south of the loop and Congress Parkway  next to the Chicago River.

The program,  that you will need to detail and adjust according  to your interpretation,  will include a Conference  and Cultural Center of about 60,000 – 80,000 sqft with a multipurpose arena of 6,000 –7,000 seats, a high-­‐rise  hotel of 500-­‐600  rooms, and retail. The program  also requires the provision  of a Contemporary  Urban Art Gallery of approximately 35,000 to 40,000 sqft, along with art park / plaza and urban amenities.

In the first stage of the work you will do site research  plus planning  and urban design combined  with landscape  design including  addressing  of the water front areas. In the second part of the semester,  you will select a distinct part (building)  of your urban design scheme and elaborate  its architectural  design.

In the stage of site analysis and conceptual  design (urban design) you will be using only sketchbooks  with diagrams  (about 3 weeks) and keeping them up-­‐to-­‐date  with your developing  ideas will be highly encouraged.  Physical study models will be used extensively  throughout  the entire studio and will be one of the most important  components  of your presentations,  both mid-­‐ term and final.

Since the program  includes buildings  with large spaces, structural  considerations  with the most creative approaches  will be required.  We will also aim at developing  “green architecture”  in the process. Sustainability  however is the bottom line of any solution;  your goal should be designing architecture  of highly dignified,  public character.  A list of precedents  will be included  in your detailed studio program and schedule,  which you will be required to scrutinize  and with which you should get familiar. There will be pin-­‐ups  and class discussions  as well.

In the studio we strive for professional,  but highly creative / imaginative  solutions  that could not only continue  but also elevate the great architectural  legacy of the city of Chicago.