Intergenerational Care and Community Center

ARCH 573 | Fall 2018
Lecturer Tait Johnson


This studio guides students through the process of architectural production, with critique offered by practicing architects and engineers. Each student produces a set of design development drawings in addition to presentation materials. Students simulate the process of client interaction, contract management, conceptual ideation, design development, and a particular concern for the integration of building systems with a comprehensive, creative response. Work in the studio begins in teams and resolves in an individually-directed project.

For the Fall 2018 semester, the studio designed an Intergenerational Care Center, exploring this important, developing model of care in which senior adults interact with children in supervised, programmed activities with benefits for both populations.

Contextually, the studio examined the potential impact of high-speed rail on small Illinois towns. How can architecture facilitate care for both children and dependent adults in towns with few job opportunities? This project defined a vision of intergenerational care in small towns along high-speed rail corridors, such as the line planned to link St. Louis with Chicago, stopping at small communities along the way.