The Illinois State Armory, Springfield, Illinois
Historic Building Preservation

ARCH 574 | Spring 2013
Assistant Professor Paul Kapp

The Historic Preservation Studio will be developing adaptive use design solutions for the historic Illinois State Armory in Springfield, Illinois. Located on the corner of 2nd Street and Monroe Street, directly adjacent to the New Illinois State Capitol, it is an excellent example of Art Moderne architecture in central Illinois. Designed by state architect C. Herrick Hammond and built in 1937, through funding from the Works Progress Administration (WPA), the Armory is an immense building, over two hundred thousand square feet in size. It houses a large auditorium, which seats six thousand people, freight areas, and office space. Currently, the Illinois State Police is using only a part of the building.  The Illinois State Armory suffers from lack of a permanent user for the past thirty years. Numerous deferred maintenance issues need to be addressed, which include the following: Roof Failure, Antiquated MEP, Accessibility Issues, and Life Safety Issues. The Studio will work with the Architect of the State Capitol and the Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer to deter mine a new use for the Armory. The Studio will also aspire to reintroduce the building back into the Springfield urban fabric.