Energy Efficient Living

ARCH 571 | Fall 2018
Associate Professor Mark Taylor


This studio considers the design and construction of an Energy Efficient way of Living. The first half of the semester focused on the requirements of the 2020 Solar Decathlon competition with a particular focus on the Market Potential and Architecture contests within the competition.

In the second half of the semester students took their initial propositions and reimagined them through the lens of the statement Professor Emeritus A. Richard Williams wrote as a prelude to the Archon Prize:  “All of my life I have dreamed of the essence of dwelling not just for oneself, but for all humanity – to dwell in a garden, or in a grove, or on a hill, water’s edge, or in an open space, all with a view, near or far, simply, humbly, poetically like Thoreau or Walden Pond, joining as well in the joy, pride and well-being of community life.”