Dwelling, Health and the Built Environment:
Envisioning Possible Futures for Ellis Heights-Fairgrounds Valley

ARCH 572 | Spring 2013
Associate Professor Lynne Dearborn

This studio will explore redevelopment of a Midwestern i
ndustrial city in the post - industrial age.  Using a neighborhood in the City of Rockford, IL as the vehicle for investigation, students in this studio will engage with The Rockford Housing Authority and residents of the Ellis Heights – Fairgrounds Valley neighborhood to re-envision the neighborhood as a physically, socially and economically healthy community developed around green infrastructure and healthy homes concepts. The primary questions this studio will explore are:

1) What is the meaning of this place for residents and how might it be leveraged to redevelop this neighborhood?
2) How might the environment of the neighborhood contribute to the physical, mental, social and economic health of a community?
3) What role can housing, commercial, and non-traditional educational environments play in a higher quality of life for neighborhood residents?

This studio will employ a collaborative participatory design process in working with our community partner and residents of the Ellis Heights - Fairgrounds Valley Neighborhood.