Digital Technology and the Analog Object

ARCH 571 | Fall 2015
Associate Professor John Stallmeyer


This studio is an exploration of the relationship between digital technologies and analog objects.

The central question of the studio is how can we as designers integrate the digital learning technologies of today and tomorrow with the analog environment in which they are embedded and through which we experience and use them.  We will investigate how the physicality of the analog object can facilitate the digital learning environment of tomorrow.  We will be working closely with the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning.  They are our client for the design and prototyping of furniture for their new technology-enhanced Innovation Studio.

Most studios you have been involved with have been simulations of reality in that you work on a hypothetical design problem.  This studio is different.  You will be challenged simultaneously on multiple fronts; to rethink our relationship to technology, to manifest this relationship in the objects they designed, and to prototype working and compelling objects that meets a real budget and a real client’s needs.