The Mountain Film Institute 

ARCH 573 | Spring 2015
Associate Professor Vidar Lerum 

The Mountain Film Institute is the imaginary center for the documentation, in moving pictures, of experiencing mountainous landscapes. Nested in a south-facing hillside with a spectacular view of Hurrungane, a range of tall mountain peaks in Norway, the Mountain Film Institute is envisioned as a nucleus for film creation and dissemination, and a base camp for adventures and adventurers in the international mountain film tradition. 

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ARCH 573 Technology & Performance: Design of buildings and systems focusing on structure, enclo- sure, technology and performance. Integration of building materials, components and systems and their impact on the design, construction, and sustainability of buildings and architectural environments at a wide range of scales. 

course description

With a focus on energy, materiality, and tectonic expression, students will explore the conditions and potential for environmentally responsible building designs that can make constructed contributions to a sustainable development in a field of tension between nature and culture. Students will use the international Mountain Film movement as a source of inspiration and as a datum to reference designs of new objects and artifices. The method is one of exploration through multiple iterations within a framework of four consecutive studio projects. Project one (site) and three (precedence) are group projects last- ing two weeks each, with four competing teams. Project two (parts) and four (whole) are individual projects lasting 4-5 weeks each. Energy performance will be analyzed using a direct computational link established between an energy modeling program and digital three-dimensional models. Each student shall construct 3-4 physical models (tectonic detail, part, whole, site).