Design: Technology and Performance

ARCH 573 | Fall 2019
Assistant Professor Yun Kyu Yi


The studio emphasizes that buildings are never inert, static but buildings should be dynamic and respond to the environment in where they are located. Buildings can be more symbiotically designed with the information from surround environment.  

This studio will be accomplishing this by focusing on three environmental factors: Thermal, Light, and Airflow. These three factors will be the basis to shape building design into becoming high-performance design buildings. An example of this would be a type of kinetic skin which can respond to dynamic of temperature, daylight and wind flow that ultimately generate better indoor environment.

The project is to design a new Prudential Plaza located at the Chicago, which is located at 130 E Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60601. The site is located intersection of crucial Pedway. This project is revitalizing site as a center of the Pedway.