Midwest Olympic-Paralympic Sport/Recreation Center

ARCH 572 | Spring 2015
Assistant Professor Carl Lewis 

Course Overview:

Architectural design for sport venues involves more than structure and construction, but should be seen as a reflection of our cultural and societal development.  This studio will explore design principles that should reveal and describe the patterns that give life and fulfillment to the sport and recreation community.   

The design process will include an emphasis on the sport culture and related research (social, behavioral and physiological), readings and site evaluation. Research will be conducted individually and as a studio. The design process will focus heavily on both physical and digital modeling techniques; and historical and theoretical design applications. The scale of the project is expected to relate specifically to the culture and philosophies of the user, i.e., “connection of the culture and abilities”.  It will be a project combining master-planning/urban design techniques with, primarily, a building design scale of 200,000 square feet or more, dependent upon the individual student’s program development during the course of the studio.  The final studio product will explore exhibition style presentation methodologies, e.g., competition style boards (including digital represented graphics), physical models (including 3D imaging), and digital animation.