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Arch 572 | Spring 2015
Associate Professor Joy Malnar 

Course Overview:

The Chicago Studio, Chicago, IL 

Evolving from outreach efforts with the City of Chicago Mayor’s office and Chicago’s Department of Planning and Development, the Illinois School of Architecture launches the second semester of the Chicago Studio’s inaugural year. Graduate students enrolled in the “The Chicago Studio” will live and study in Chicago for the spring 2015 semester.

This studio will focus its attention on one of the City of Chicago’s northwest side “Focal Points” for development. The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) Brown Line terminates in the Albany Park neighborhood at the corner of Lawrence and Kimball. The City of Chicago is looking for “Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) proposals that will make the area around the station pedestrian friendly. A parcel of land near the station will be selected for the design of a mixed-use, mid-rise TOD project that will include ground level retail, and rental units comprised largely of studio, one, and two bedroom apartments designed for the affordable market. There will be minimal parking spaces provided as the city moves to encourage its residents to use the CTA train system, walk, and bicycle in an effort to reduce the need for cars. The streetscape design along the CTA station will include a WIFI kiosk, a Divvy bicycle station and a neighborhood identity gateway marker. The new apartment building will be designed to enhance the unique identity of the neighborhood. The design must evolve from research on the neighborhood needs and concerns and the direct experience obtained by riding the CTA and walking the neighborhood.

Research & Analysis – (3 weeks = 20% of grade) -  Research, describe and analyze neighborhood, Chicago Transit Authority stations, and the surrounding building site conditions, engage in precedent analysis of affordable housing.

Public Amenities – (2 weeks = 20% of grade) - Pedestrian streetscape with WIFI kiosk, Divvy bicycle station and neighborhood identity marker.

Apartment building – (3 weeks schematic design & 8 weeks design development = 60%) - Provide for the affordable Chicago condominium market in size and amenities.

Students will work on teams during the research and analysis phase and on the design development of the streetscape. The apartment building will be an individually designed project. Desk critiques will occur on a regular basis with professional architects and groups of three students, in order to develop your collaborating and critiquing skills.