"When I was choosing a university, the decision hinged upon its standing within the architectural profession in addition to its overall stature, educational environment and mentoring potential. In selecting the University of Illinois, I found all of this and more. Though the curriculum was grounded in all aspects of the technical and professional areas of architecture, it was also well-represented in Design Theory and Labs.  I found that many of my design critics had either practiced before academia or were practicing in conjunction with their teaching. This gave them valuable insight and contributed to the assigned projects being more useful and compelling as teaching devices. Even after 40 years, I have kept in contact with several of my instructors to this day.

A particular highlight of this non-insular quality of the department was my semester with Louis I Khan as my 4th year critic. He came to the university as an architect and a traveling professor and inspired me to evolve with the issues natural light and spatial volumetrics.

It also must be said that upon receiving my B-Arch from Illinois, I found that this document carried much weight within the profession and ultimately with top architectural firms, making my first job search both a success and a pleasure."

David A Hansen, FAIA

Design Principal
Perkins + Will
Chicago, IL

Perkins + Will, Chicago
Since 1935, Perkins+Will has created innovative and award-winning designs for the world's most forward-thinking clients. We are architects, interior designers, urban designers, landscape architects, consultants, and branded environment experts who approach design from all scales and perspectives.

Engaged, accessible, and collaborative, our staff of 1,500 professionals brings together high design, functional performance, and social responsibility to advance project goals. Inspired by the programs within, we design from the inside-out. We combine a deeply humanistic approach with results-driven pragmatism to create dynamic spaces for people. Research-focused and inventive, every day we reimagine how space can be used to foster stronger ties between communities, the built environment, and nature.
With nearly 1,000 LEED(r) Accredited Professionals, sustainable design and the use of healthy building materials are fundamental to our process. Our transformative designs help students learn better, patients heal faster, business teams perform stronger, and city dwellers have more meaningful daily experiences.

Years after I graduated, while a Design Principal with Perkins+Will, Chicago, the School of Architecture asked me to be an adjunct professor in their Graduate Studies, Design option, a role I gladly accepted.  This reacquainted me with the overall high quality of their program and their graduates.

"Our office has always had good experiences with University of Illinois graduates we've hired and have been rewarded with well-rounded and highly efficient architects that come prepared with training in the latest technology and related software as well as a foundational knowledge that allows for quick integration within ongoing office projects."