ARCH 574 | Fall 2014
Associate Professor Therese Tierney 


Chicago is quickly becoming the nation's leading city for data analytics. Once a city shaped by a boundary condition of heavy industrialization, Chicago is transforming itself into one of the most connected and creative metropolises in the country under the influence of a new set of postindustrial prerogatives, instantaneous access to information, and new research  agendas. Today, the city is a catalyst for architectural innovation and experimentation, performing as a test bed for new architectural prototypes.

This graduate studio leverages the positive implications of contextual data as a method to understand future architectural interventions, a goal that is realized and reproduced through proximity to ubiquitous technologies connecting individuals with one another and with the urban environment. As  a  design  research studio, we will investigate these data  streams, combine them with other information, and devise new models for urban living.

Building upon the City of Chicago’s ambitions, the studio will develop a Mixed-use Development located along the Chicago River adjacent to the Loop. While the former industrial neighborhood has a rich history of cultural production, today, it is a hotbed of innovative and entrepreneurial activity. This area is currently the home of Google, Bluescape, Motorola Mobile, and 1871 – an incubator space to many internet and cleantech start-up companies.