Chicago Studio 

ARCH 574 | Fall 2016
Clinical Associate Professor Randall Deutsch 


The Fall 2016 Urban Studio was focused on master planning, urban design, and building design on a site in Chicago’s South Loop. The Site: Approximately 62 acres in Chicago bounded by Roosevelt Avenue, Clark Street, 16th Street, and the Chicago River. Studio members working in teams or individually will develop an urban design/building design strategy for the site which seeks to harmonize with the existing structures of the city and anticipate the future needs of residents and visitors while creating a new neighborhood. Students will consult with one or more of the following: the developer, Related Midwest; the Chicago Department Planning and Development; the Marshall Bennett Institute of Real Estate at Roosevelt University; The Metropolitan Planning Council; and Chicago area architects, and planners. Site Information: A 62-acre new downtown development and green space southwest of Clark Street and Roosevelt Road. The site is currently more wildlife than city life because it has no sewers, accessible roads or other city services. The site is bordered by Roosevelt Road, Clark Street, 16th Street and a half-mile stretch of riverfront on its western edge. The site offers many opportunities: The development has the potential to permanently alter and reshape the view of Chicago’s skyline from the south; Fill what’s known as the “hole in the center of Chicago”; Strengthen Roosevelt Road as a shopping destination, improve access to the river and tie the South Loop to Chinatown; and, What Neighbors Want: homeowners of the South Loop who stand to benefit from new retail and rising real estate prices.