Baufeld 7

ARCH 573 | Spring 2013
Professor Ralph Hammann

Baufeld 7 is the term for a so-called Class-A+ 1 real estate development in the heart of Stuttgart, Germany. The site is the result of the newly configured, large urban zone around Europe’s largest construction site: The Deutsche Bahn railway project “Stuttgart 21” with the renewed Stuttgart Central railway station at its center. The new railway development results in prime real estate which will define a new gateway to the city of Stuttgart. The site Baufeld 7 is one of its key urban components. Approximately 57 km of new railway lines, some 30 km of underground tunnels and more than 30 km of high speed rail lines will be constructed at a cost of 4.5 billion Euros (6.5 billion U.S. dollars). The studio project Baufeld 7 is based on original documentation for an international design competition which took place in 2012. The high-rise project may be designed as a hotel or high-end residential building. Students will have access to the competition documents and will study the winning entries before proceeding to their own designs. The project will be organized as a group project. Students will work in teams of two.

Focus areas of this studio are:
- Design excellence; Integration of structure and state-of-the-art, energy-saving environmental building systems. There will be a focus on large scale enclosure detailing and material selection. Energy transmission through building envelope using THERM, e-Quest or comparable energy simulation, i.e. Ecotect of parts of the building are required.  The project needs to perform energetically according to Passivhaus®standards. The project will be designed
using the metric system.

- This is a high-rise project offering two functional alternatives. Student teams will select either a hotel or residential use for their building design.

- The studio is recommended for students with an interest in integrated systems and advanced fa├žade design, and building performance AND SIMULATION.