"My experience at UIUC shaped who I am today. The architecture program laid the foundation for my future as an architect. I found my passion for architecture at UIUC. Luck and talent are out of our control while hard work, maximum effort and being prepared are the keys to success. The program was a good mix of theory and practice, providing an excellent foundation for further studies and professional practice.

Architecture is a small world and UIUC is a big neighborhood. When you arrive on campus, it could be overwhelming. Finding a home within the School of Architecture made my world smaller developing lifelong friendships with some of the most talented students and professors from around the world. These friendships continue today."

August F. Battaglia, FAIA, REFP

Design Director
FGM Architects
Oak Brook | Chicago | O'Fallon

FGM Archtiects
FGM’s Design Director August F. Battaglia’s career has spanned 38 years. His ability to elevate the aspirations of his clients has resulted in architecture that is inspiring to those who use it and those who simply pass by.  By organizing solids and voids, planes and masses, and the color, Augie creates outstanding designs that celebrate the uniqueness of each client and project. He creates environments that support curriculum, engage their sites, and encourage a life-long love of learning. His designs are driven from two perspectives: the objectives of the client and the influences of the environment. Augie’s projects have been recognized with more than 100 awards from client-based and architectural organizations.

Augie joined FGM Architects in 1998 as Design Director and Executive Board Member. In 2008, he received the prestigious elevation to the Fellowship of the American Institute of Architects. The AIA Fellowship program was developed to elevate those architects who have made a significant contribution to architecture and society and who have achieved a standard of excellence in the profession. Augie was named Young Architect of the Year by the Chicago Chapter of the AIA in 1991 and received the Francis J. Plym Traveling Fellowship in 1988.

FGM Architects has specialized in the planning and design of environments since 1945.  From early strategic facilities planning through building and interior design, we support the needs of our clients with a total commitment to service.  Our projects respond to the goals of our clients, the context of their sites, the environment that sustains them and the communities they serve. We offer architecture, interior design and landscape design. We build relationships as well as projects. FGM has also been honored with the Illinois Chapter of the American Institute of Architect’s Distinguished Firm Award.

Cicero SD 99 Unity Junior High School, Cicero, Illinois, Completed 2003
Geneva CUSD 304 Williamsburg and Fabyan Elementary Schools, Geneva, Illinois, Completed 2008 & 2009
Will County SD 92 Oak Prairie Middle School, Lockport, Illinois, Completed 2002
Grayslake HSD 127 Grayslake North High School, Grayslake, Illinois, Completed 2005
Mt. Vernon THSD 80 Mt. Vernon High School, Mt. Vernon, Illinois, Estimated Completion Date 2014

Throughout our firm’s history, we have hired many graduates from Illinois.

"When we receive a resume from an Illinois grad seeking an internship, we know that they are coming from an excellent program and have potential to contribute greatly to the success of our firm because of the rigorous and challenging program that provides a good mix of theory and practice."

When I meet with an Illinois grad, I look for examples of what I learned that shaped my career – their ability to survive, work hard, always put forth the maximum effort and to always be prepared. Being part of the program means they too have received a solid foundation for success.

Grads we have hired all have the passion and work ethic needed to help FGM grow and thrive.