Architecture and the City

ARCH 374 | Spring 2019
Associate Professor Therese Tierney



In this undergraduate design studio, the project “A New Cultural Center for Chicago’s South Loop” emphasizes the importance and value of the architectural imagination in shaping forms and spaces that can address the social and urban issues of cities in the 21st century.

The South Loop site is located in Printer’s Row, a neighborhood that has experienced much change over the last few years. Students are tasked with developing a position based on and first-hand observation, ethnographic data, and analysis of the neighborhood. The architectural intervention seeks to promote the society and culture of the neighborhood for its residents and the propagation of culture. The center will serve to promote public relations, assist local residents, and popularize culture, however that is defined by the studio over the semester.


As part of a series of challenging assignments, this studio is intended to advance you as designers, to stimulate your ability to conceptualize, to address architectural issues in a humane and creative way, and to prepare you for the eventual practice of architecture.


The research component of the studio is concerned with experimenting and developing new models for future modes of social interaction. The research will have several important components that are developed over the course of the semester. The research is understood to include both drawn and fabricated material, in addition to written and analytical material.