FALL 2015

Architecture 373 focuses on building design in a landscape setting including: creation of place, schematic building design and site planning issues, universal design and accessibility, principles of energy efficient building design, human-environment relationships, and architectural design and presentation methods.

Students build on previous design courses to strengthen graphic and verbal communication skills to communicate findings, ideas and proposals and develop research skills and methods for reading, analyzing and recording the physical and cultural landscapes of various sites.  Students develop fundamental skills in site planning, including site contour manipulation.

Four projects as listed below are undertaken in the class.  The examples above represent the best work of Project 4 as selected by a jury of Architecture Faculty.

1 Research Assignment: Reading the Landscape

2 An Intervention on the Boneyard Creek     

3 Small Event Space, University of Illinois Arboretum                                     

4 Camp Ground and Boat House, Kickapoo State Park, Danville, IL


First Place                           Alex Brosh - Critic, Emmons

Second Place                      Adam Souhrada - Critic, Bliss

Third Place                          Bokang Du - Critic, Xu

Honorable Mention              Marija Sassine – Critic, Taylor

Honorable Mention              Saina Xiang – Critic,  Bliss

Honorable Mention              Peter Westerfield – Critic, Loew