FALL 2015

Architecture 271 is an introduction to graphic language and design communication skills used in architectural design thinking. The course introduces design and drawing constructs used for communicating architectural design ideas including linear perspective systems, orthographic and isometric projections, and graphic presentation techniques. The course introduces concept development and the principles necessary for the architect to visualize, record creative thought, analyze and graphically present complex compositions.

The course includes a comprehensive treatment of presentations including: accurate graphic language, clear demonstration of drawing techniques, page composition, line weights, material representation and graphic layout.

Students are introduced to drawing as a practice (sketchbook), research and writing as a tool for understanding, verbal communication and presentation. A key part of the class is meant to develop skills in documenting design process and its relevance to the carefully developed complexity that is architecture. Model making and craftsmanship in all areas are emphasized throughout the course.

Four projects as listed below are undertaken in the class.  The examples above represent the best work of Project 4 as selected by a jury of Architecture Faculty.

1 Introduction to Drawing & Composition

2 Modelling Spatial Verbs w/ Drawings

3 Conceptual Modelling & Collaging

4 Final Project: Abstract Spatial Construct


First Place                           Sam Watts – Critics,  Emmons, Melgarejo de Berry

Second Place                      Jesse Han – Critics,  Emmons, Melgarejo de Berry

Third Place                          Paul Wood – Critics,  Emmons, Melgarejo de Berry

Honorable Mention              Xinyi Chen – Critics,  Emmons, Melgarejo de Berry

Honorable Mention              Leyi Zhang – Critics,  Emmons, Melgarejo de Berry