Architectural Design & Development

Senior Studio | ARCH 475


Schematic design and development of a small-scale public building emphasizing the integration of the basic elements of building; materials, details, structure, technology, program, life safety, and universal design. 

This capstone course is the culmination of the design studio sequence at the undergraduate level and a gateway to further study at the graduate level.  The capstone studio provides an opportunity to integrate knowledge and skills attained in areas of design, environmental technologies, structures, and history into a comprehensive design process.

The process of architectural design involves inquiry, research, and creativity performed in response to a complex set of parameters.  Students in this course were asked to apply the design process to a broader range of architectural issues than might be typical for previous undergraduate-level studios.  Rather than completing a number of different design projects during the semester, they undertook a single project.  This allowed students, working individually, to develop the project in more depth.