Architectural Design and the Landscape 

ARCH 373 | Fall 2017
Studio Instructors: David Emmons, Claire Gaspin, Erik Hemingway, Kennedy Hutson, Tom Loew, Scott Murray, Andrew Weiss

Course Catalog Description:

Building design in a landscape setting; creation of place; schematic building design and site planning issues, universal design and accessibility; principles of energy efficient building design; human-environment relationship issues; and architectural design and presentation methods; required field trips. Prerequisite: ARCH 272.

Studio Overview:

This studio focuses on building in a landscape setting and the creation of place. We interpret the term “landscape” to mean not only the physical land of a site, but also the various natural systems (plants, animals, climate) with which architecture may interact. Therefore, the course deals with a very important aspect of architectural design: how design can enable meaningful interactions between people and the natural environment. Students completed four projects in this studio course: (1) a Precedent Study of built architectural projects that engage landscape in unique ways; (2) a Sketch Project titled “Creating Space in the Landscape;” (3) a four-week design project for A Visiting Artists’ Retreat at Allerton Park; and (4) a six-week design project for An Interpretive Center at the U of I Arboretum.