Arch Design in Landscape & Cities 

ARCH 472 | Spring 2019
Emeritus Paul Armstrong

Project/Course Objectives:

Arch 472 introduces the principles and objectives of architecture design in the landscape and the city. It corresponds to third year design at UIUC, which introduces the same content albeit in two semesters. It also builds on the skills and experiences introduced in Arch 471 by honing conceptual and design abilities with practice in architectural communication skills. Mastering architectural communication skills through models and drawings is essential for the architect and translates into design quality.


During the semester students designed two major projects: 1) Guesthouse Addition for a house designed by a noteworthy architect; and, 2) Visitors’ Center for Allerton State Park, Monticello, IL. A precedent study and model are leads-in for the guesthouse.

Project 1: Precedent Study investigates the work and philosophy of an assigned architect. It includes presenting the architect’s work and ideas through documentation, scale drawings, and a scale model of a specific project. By assimilating the design language of the architect and great house you will have a better understanding of the relationships among buildings, sites, programs, and ideas as expressed by the architect.

Project 2: Guesthouse for a Great House applies the design principles, concepts, and syntax of the precedent architect to the design of a guesthouse addition that will create a dialogue between the existing great house and the site.

Project 3: Allerton State Park Visitors’ Center shall inform visitor’s about the history, ecology, and sustainable future of the conference center and the park.