Timber in the City: Urban Habitat Competition

Senior Studio | ARCH 476
Assistant Professor Mark Taylor

The competition challenges participants to design a mid-rise, mixed-use complex with affordable housing units, a job training/educational facility, a center for innovative manufacturing of wood technology, and a distribution center. Aspiring to regenerate a dissipating urban manufacturing sector and address the housing needs of New York City, entrants will be asked to design a place for the creation of originative vocational opportunities embracing new wood technology. Entrants will be challenged to propose construction systems in scenarios that draw optimally on the performance characteristics of a variety of wood technologies. The project site is in Red Hook, Brooklyn a neighborhood in some flux, cut off from much of Brooklyn geographically, yet increasingly vibrant.

The diversified program proposes several spatial conditions, span distances, and environmental criteria in order to elicit a diverse group of architectural compositions and technological solutions that incorporate the use of differing structural, framing, and detail-oriented components. Such conditions may be:

- Vertical mid-rise framing (i.e. Mass Timber Systems such as CLT and FFTT)
- Interior partitioning (stud framing or modular panelized systems)
- Exterior cladding (modular assemblies)
- Long-span structure (glulam beams, truss joists, or other composite members)

Residential Total            109,725 sqft
Bike Workshop             14,050 sq/ft
Wood Production          44,640 sq/ft
Digital Production         14,340 sq/ft