Simulation and Design 

ARCH 576 
Assistant Professor Yun Kyu Yi


Simulation is the process of making a simplified model of some complex system and using it to predict the behavior of the original system. During the past decade, advancements in computer technology made it possible for building simulation to be part of the design process. This course will provide students with 1) An understanding of building simulation tools 2) Hands-on experience in using computer simulation tools and 3) Exploration of the technologies, the underlying principles, and the potential applications of a simulation tool in architecture.

State-of-the-art computer models for thermal, lighting, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) are the major among other domains that will be introduced. The application of these models in architectural design will be explored. A building will be analyzed throughout the semester in the following areas:

· Energy and Passive Solar Systems

· Lighting and Daylighting Systems

· Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

· Design Integration