"I had never met an architect before beginning my studies at the University of Illinois. I chose architecture based on my own intuition and that of a high school drafting teacher. My first semester of architectural studies in the School of Architecture confirmed my choice. The School’s balanced emphasis on creative, pragmatic and theoretical learning informed by a humanist spirit, together with access to the full range of the University’s diverse studies, provided me a substantial basis for life-long learning and professional development. The artistic and intellectual curiosity that remain important me to this day is rooted in my University of Illinois School of Architecture education."

Donald McKay, AIA

President and Principal
Nagle Hartray Architecture
Chicago, IL

Nagle Hartray Architecture

Integrity has two meanings. As a human quality, it means soundness of moral character. As it relates to execution or performance, it is the quality of wholeness or completeness as in to perform a work in its integrity. Together these meanings define Nagle Hartray’s practice better than any philosophical ideology, market specialization or design brand.

We are distinguished buy our empathetic approach—our ability to put ourselves in the shoes of those we design for and of those who construct our designs. Empathy is a moral trait. It is also a leadership trait that makes us effective advocates for our clients’ objectives.

We are also distinguished by the completeness of our instrumental expertise—our commitment to design, technical and project management excellence in equal measure. In a world of accelerating change, holistic expertise enables us to adapt to emerging challenges and technologies and to consistently realize state of the art facilities.

Buildings in and of themselves do not mean anything, but only take on significance through interaction with people. Our empathetic approach and our holistic instrumental expertise have proved effective means towards creating meaningful architecture—buildings that manifest culture, a sense of place, those we design for.

Nagle Hartray is a full service, medium-sized architecture firm founded in 1966 with substantial experience in civic, institutional, educational and residential design. The firm is an AIA Chicago “Firm Award” winner.

Foutaindale Public Library
Bolingbrook, Illinois

Western Illinois University Multicultural Center
Macomb, Illinois

Oak Park Public Library
Oak Park, Illinois

St. Mary of the Springs Convent
Columbus, Ohio

Lewis and Clark Visitors Center
Hartford, Illinois