Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Root to Roof was born from seeing the emerald ash borer devastate the local community ash tree population. These disease-ridden trees were felled and broken into mulch and fire wood or even left to rot. Root to Roof hopes to take these dead, dying or diseased trees and turn them into quality lumber. This locally sourced lumber is then milled, dried, dimension and finally crafted into high design projects through the creative minds and hardworking hands of University of Illinois Architecture Students. The goal of Root to Roof is to engage future architects at the beginning of their careers, assisting them to think critically about locally harvested lumber, hand-crafting, and the principles of sustainability. We desire to create fine, affordable, and sustainable housing that could help people across all age and income brackets. We are fortunate to have the City of Urbana as a partner in this endeavor. The ultimate culmination of these sustainable and design practices is to create a 400sqft tiny home which stresses sustainability, teaches handcrafting and gives back to the local community. 

For more information, please contact Lowell Miller (lrmiller@illinois.edu), Fabrication Coordinator, Illinois School of Architecture