Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Earl Prize/ Graduate Studio Design Excellence Spring 2018

The Illinois School of Architecture is pleased to announce the winners of the Earl Prize in Design (undergraduate) and the Graduate Awards for Design Excellence (graduate) for the Spring 2018 Semester. These awards recognize the outstanding students work at the sophomore, junior, senior and graduate levels of our curriculum.

Earl prize in Design – Review Committee: Hammann, Chasco, Bollo

The Earl Prizes are funded with income from an endowment bequeathed by Edward C. Earl Prizes and are awarded for excellence in undergraduate design studios.

ARCH 274

1st Place                 Kaitao Wu – Emmons/Melgarejo de Berry

2nd Place                Bianca Deng ‐ Emmons/Melgarejo de Berry

3rd Place                 Emily Catlin ‐ Emmons/Melgarejo de Berry

HM                          Emma Dannhausen‐Brun ‐ Emmons/Melgarejo de Berry

ARCH 374

1st Place                 Michael Schoemaker ‐ Bognar

2nd Place               Qingyuan (Rubin) Zhou ‐ Pepper

3rd Place                Alex Sulek ‐ Tierney

HM                         Jennifer Emmert – Emmons

HM                         David Perrine ‐ Gaspin

ARCH 476

1st Place                 Mengyao Liu – Hutson

2nd Place                Nathan Mollway – Loew


Graduate Studio Design Excellence Awards – Review Committee: Tierney, Emmons, Gaspin, De Berry, Loew

ARCH 472

1st Place                 Yijia Zhao – Armstrong

HM                          Stephanie McNicholas


1st Place                 Shannon Fitzgerald, Shrushti Nehete – Murray

2nd Place                Sowmya Singh, Marc Ponce Pujols – Hammann

3rd Place                 Alex Brosh – Chasco

HM                          Ivana Rakshit, Yang Li – Murray