Friday, April 6, 2018

Making New History: The Chicago Biennale

576 Architecture Theory Seminar 

Associate Professor T.F. Tierney

This exhibition and online blog considers the construction, experience, and representation of space. We ask, Can there be architecture without buildings?   Can other media communicate architectural ideas?   “Making New History” offers critical observations on the current cultural landscape, musings in and on the field.  Our maquettes and texts explore the contemporary entanglement between media, cultural criticism, and the dissemination of architectural ideas.

Featuring artwork and architectural installations by Anna Bosch Balague, Alan Dang, Boyuan Dong, Andrea Gonzolez Fabregas, Junyi Gu, Jin Young Jung, Paul Kitchen, Wei Lin, Lena Reiff, Fei Tao, Mireia Traveria I Sala, Luz Upegui