Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Professor Tierney’s MAKER/THINKER: Chicago Biennial Exhibition features parametric explorations on the future of museum design as 8 variations on a theme.

Starting with the premise that the definition of art has shifted from “artifact” to “experience,” for example, Olifar Eliason’s “Weather” exhibition at the Tate Modern, this studio posed the question, what would an experience-based museum look like in the future?  We considered the Italian Radical Designers of the 1970s, such as Superstudio, who were critical of prevailing social values and design ideologies. We also studied the Metabolists as a means to explore new formal strategies based on combinatory practices. But most of all, we made observations of the world at large, a world that is incredibly complex, one where our social relations, desires, hopes and fears are very different from those in the twentieth century. By applying design fiction as a device, this design studio integrated theory, practice, and digital form-making as a means to reflect on the future of architectural production.

Thanks to our incredible reviewers including Jeff Poss FAIA, Studio Gang, SOM BlackBox, Carol Ross Barney, Smith Gill Architects and Perkins Will.